Giving Thanks. Sharing Sweets.

Oh, glorious, glorious Friday. I’m so darn glad you’re here.

It’s been a bit of a crazy week. After difficult meetings, tough decisions, hard conversations, long drives to the city, and a bout of some flu-shot-induced fever, I was pretty stoked to see the Friday sun come up this morning. I woke today feeling a bit depleted and defeated – and as tempting as it is to throw a pity party, I’m choosing not to stay there.

I’m setting the challenge for myself (beginning today, woohoo!) of wrapping up each work week with a Giving Thanks. Sharing Sweets. themed post. It’s easy for me to always be in a mindset of looking to the future, like the weekend; looking forward to relief and joy up ahead in the distance…but I’ll admit that I’m not the best at giving a quick glance over my shoulder and being grateful enough to find the beauty during a messy week.

The goal? Be able to write down five things that I’m thankful for, and then to pass on five things (or sweets) that made my week a little brighter that will hopefully send some joy your way, too!

Giving Thanks

  1. For my ridiculous group text. My saving grace over the past year and a half has been the daily selfies, terrible puns, “Happy Monday!”s, and constant coast-to-coast chatter back and forth between my two best friends and I. We call it Cheetah Girls and I’m not really sure why, to be honest. The day usually starts with one of us sending an early morning coffee mug + messy hair + sleepy eyes selfie, and it just is laughing and teasing all day from there. It’s a constant bright spot during the day, which I love being able to count on.
See what I mean? How could these two not make you smile all day long? (Sorry ladies - all these years you've prompted me to have a blog, you should've known it wouldn't take long to exploit you.)
See what I mean? How could these two not make you smile all day long? (Sorry ladies – all these years you’ve prompted me to have a blog, you should’ve known it wouldn’t take long to exploit you.)

2. For having a husband who gives grace and gets it. Remember that flu-shot-induced fever I mentioned? It was only a day but it was the absolute stinkin’ worst! On Wednesday, it was my turn to plan date night. I had the best of intentions but came home from work burning up and down for the count. With all of the love and not a single complaint, Chad surrendered to a night of us camped out on the couch, binge watching The League (I’m obsessed…Taco forever), without a good dinner and with the basket of fresh laundry waiting to be folded left in the hallway for another day. Nothing romantic about that. Sometimes you just need to throw in the towel and collapse on the couch – and I’m so grateful that he gets that.

3. FOR THIS FACE! He crushed it at the vet, started a scary new fish oil supplement, and rode his first school bus this week like a champ.

Photo by Victoria Selman
Photo by Victoria Selman

4. That this happened.

5. For our J-Group, and new friends. Chad and I recently joined a group of married couples from our church coming together for fun & fellowship. In just a few weeks, we’ve been so encouraged by them! They make Mondays a heck of a lot more tolerable. 🙂

Sharing Sweets

  1. Baked acorn squash! I made this last Friday and it’s so simple! Maybe my new favorite fall staple. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

2. Ok, love me or hate me for this. (Probably hate), but I just can’t enough of the new Biebs song. (Did I just say Biebs? Sorry, I’ll see myself out…)

3. This post from Emily Freeman What can I say? I love words…I love Tay.

4. This heaven on earth! If you’re in the Delaware Valley area – I highly recommend putting Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Lancaster, PA at the top of your Fall Festivities list. We went last weekend to celebrate our sister-in-law’s birthday and it was so much fun.

5. This morning’s post from She Reads Truth; words my heart needed to read:

for more encouragement, check out:
for more encouragement, check out:

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