Did they know all that was ahead for them?

Our wedding was full of intentional detail + personal meaning behind each and every decision. What might have gone unnoticed, though, was by far my favorite detail of the day: our something borrowed was my grandparents’ knife that they used to cut their wedding cake, 48 years ago today.


It was so incredible for us to hold that same knife, see their names inscribed, to think about the joy that they felt on their wedding day and to wonder about the love, trials, hills, and valleys that followed for the years of their marriage.

Houses, jobs, babies, travels, diagnoses, recoveries, loss, grief – did they know all that was ahead for them?

Do we have anything remotely close to a clue about all that is ahead for us?


Today we celebrate the 48th chapter of the story of two of my favorite people, the firsts to teach me about unconditional commitment and selfless love. One is in Heaven, and one I’m so lucky to say is still here with us.

Happy Anniversary, Nana & Pop-Pop.



2 thoughts on “Did they know all that was ahead for them?

  1. That was so thoughtful and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and for being so loving and respectful towards your two grandparents who I know first hand love you so much. I wish you and your husband all the happiness the world has to offer.


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