Giving Thanks | 2

Happy Monday, internet!

If you’ve seen me today, chances are I was probably casually floating around on Cloud Nine, smiling ear-to-ear for no apparent reason, perhaps even talking to myself or humming a little diddy to the tune of “score a touchdown, one, two, threeeeeee”.

Well, let me shout it from the rooftops: I am not a crazy person and THERE IS AN APPARENT REASON! Last night, the Eagles beat the Cowboys 33-27 in overtime and the joy that overflowed from my heart as a result rivals that of my wedding day (sorry, babe). I’ve already written three drafts of this paragraph trying to explain and convey just what this means to me, to all of us, but I’m not coming up with anything remotely adequate. All I can say, is if you haven’t yet been blessed/cursed with the beautiful and wonderful (mis)fortune of being an Eagles fan…search “4th & 26th” on YouTube and then just click on every relevant post from there on out. In short, I’m a happy little lady today. Free coffee in tow. (Looking at and loving you, Dunkin’.)

These on-Cloud-Nine shenanigans have got me feeling all sorts of grateful and giddy today. I thought it would be a perfect time for round two of Giving Thanks!

Giving Thanks

1. The man who I’ve been friendcrushing on hard for two years now just pulling out an absolute miracle in Arlington.

2. Homecoming! Despite the wind and rain (where are you, summer?), we had such a fun time celebrating homecoming weekend at our alma mater. Highlights: the yummiest breakfast tailgate, spiked cider, family, old friend reunions. After the daytime festivities fizzled out, Scott & Jen hosted a campfire burgers + smores dream dinner. It was the most fun and relaxing day we’ve had since returning from Mexico, and so, so needed. Thanks, friends!

Double Dels! Only 6 years apart. 🙂
Tailgate crew! Thanks to Scott & Jen for making sure our hearts were happy & our bellies full.

3. A chance to ride my longtime friend but first time trail partner, Darby yesterday! Darby is a part of our local mounted patrol unit, but yesterday was his day off and we were able to gallop the rolling hills and enjoy the lingering Fall colors together. Thank you, Mary for the opportunity! It felt so good to be back in the saddle after almost a year out.


4. This song that is just the happiest and danciest and on repeatiest in all the land.

5. An awesome date night with my husband! I planned a “Choose Your Own Adventure” date (these are the things you do when you love someone who was born in the 80s). To my surprise though, it ended with a grapefruit + tequila cocktail that was out-of-this-world delicious.

What are you thankful for this Monday? 


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