Currently: December

No time like the very last day of the month to squeeze in this fun series, right? Happy Friday and happy last day of 2015, friends! I hope the new year brings less worry, less striving, and more grace, and more love for each of you. XO

Reading… For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. Only 6 chapters in and I think this book is the long lost best friend I never knew I needed. Holy smokes, ladies everywhere, please read this.

Playing… A lot of Noah Gundersen like this little diddy during the workday.
Watching… Fixer Upper & Flip or Flop. All of those cliches about marriage pretty much just being one long HGTV binge in your sweatpants are true, my friends. Nothing says romance like talking about how much fun it would be to take a demo hammer to drywall.

Trying… To write more and worry less. (Still rings true for December)
Cooking… Not much of anything lately because my husband is the bomb diggity. Also, endless holiday parties.
Eating… My last meat & dairy today! I’m excited (and a little nervous) to go back to maintaining a vegan diet in the New Year. Pray for me.
Drinking… Dunkin’ Donuts french vanilla coffee & skim, at this very moment. Heart eyes.
Texting… ugly selfies with my best pals group text, which we call Cheetah Girls for absolutely no reason in particular. We make up one big family, but we don’t look the same.
Pinning… Some new hikes for our next trip out West.

Tweeting… no longer! Said goodbye to Facebook and Twitter this month, and I’ve gotta tell ya – it’s been hard but wonderful.
Going… to PA to see brother & sister-in-law and friends. Yay!
Loving… The Lonely Planet travel book my sweet friend Keesy surprised me with last night. Dreaming for days.

Thinking… about our plans and big dreams for 2016. (Again, still true this month!)
Feeling… all the feels looking back on how we were blessed and stretched and challenged and loved this past year. Don’t cry, Char, don’t cry.
Listening (to)… Kelsea Ballerini. I love this little lady!
Ordering… New, healthier food for our puppa.
Thanking… the Lord for good friends and encouraging chats this week.

Hoping…(and praying) for healing for my aunt who has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Please be praying, friends.
Considering… which marathon is next? And where? 🙂
Starting… to get super excited about the Heart-to-Heart Hump Days series lineup for the next few months! Some amazing, amazing women.
Finishing… end of year thank you letters and giving statements. Ah, the joys of non-profit life.



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