The Sweetest Place on Earth

This past weekend, Chad and I were fortunate enough to pack our bags, fill up the gas tank, and take a beautiful drive two hours into Pennsylvania farm country to arrive for the weekend in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This was all made possible by a few of my aunts and uncles, who had the genius idea of gifting us with a generous gift card to (What a fun wedding gift idea!) It came at a perfect time, because we have both been under quite a bit of stress lately with work and have been feeling the winter blues for sure. It was the perfect escape that we needed to refresh and reset! For us, it felt like a mini mini mini second honeymoon. I’m so grateful to have had that time with my man.

When planning our winter getaway, we settled on Hershey because it’s one of those unique towns that feels so different from where we live, but that is still close enough that we can drive to it. For those not from the area, yes, this is totally Hershey, PA as in Hershey Bars, Reese’s, Hershey Kisses, and all other varieties of candy goodness. Safe to say that we are still crashing from all of the sugary samples and treats we devoured this weekend. 🙂


Neither of us have been to Hershey since we were kids, so it was so much fun to get to experience Hershey as adults. Throughout the entire weekend, there was a great mix of both families and adults – plenty to do for all ages! If you’re an adult and will eat copious amounts of chocolate like us, I like you. If you’re an adult but you’re too cool and too grownup to eat copious amounts of chocolate like us, I still like you, but I think you’re weird.


The very best part  of the entire weekend was the B&B where we stayed (and never wanted to leave), The Inn at Westwynd Farm in nearby Hummelstown, PA. We chose this inn specifically because there are twenty horses on the beautiful 32-acre property. It felt like the perfect retreat, nestled with everything we love: big breakfasts, horses, strong coffee, and the sweetest couple we’ve ever met: Frank & Carolyn Troxell. Frank and Carolyn turned their family farmhouse into a B&B 13 years ago, when all of their children grew up and moved out – leaving them to be empty nesters. You can tell that they are parents and nurturers at heart – they were incredibly welcoming, attentive, and accommodating – and they always left us fresh baked brownies (‘with extra chocolate chips!’, Carolyn enticed).

The Troxells added on additions and renovations to the original farmhouse, and they now host hundreds each year at their sprawling, spacious home that they’ve decorated so beautifully with equine antiques and fireplaces and old books galore.

 Perhaps the sweetest touch was that the home was still decorated for Christmas! Trees, lights, red and green in every room – I love that they wanted to keep the Christmas magic going for as long as possible. We loved being treated to a big breakfast each morning, than cozying up by the fireplace to read side-by-side with no set time to be anywhere. (Chad’s not a reader, but he found a good book that he can’t put down, so you know that this is basically my #dreamlife.) Even though the weather was quite dreary all weekend, this B&B still looked like a little piece of Heaven on earth. If you find yourself in Hershey, PA, or just in need of a retreat to slow down and refresh for a bit – I highly recommend staying with the Troxells at The Inn at Westwynd Farm!

When we weren’t resting at the farm or chasing their ponies and pups around – we ventured off into Hershey for some fun, nightlife, and of course – chocolate.

We asked Frank for recommendations of where to eat dinner the first night, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with his choice – The Mill. Delicious food, great drinks, and such a fun atmosphere, as Chad said “It looks like Joanna Gaines in here.”

If you go: I highly recommend ordering the Winter Mule. Though I’ll take a mule pretty much anywhere they’re offered (I’m such a sucker for those adorable mugs), this one had to be the most delicious I’ve had yet.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we spent some time wandering around the farm and playing with the horses, dogs, and alpacas Taco & Paco, on the farm. This might’ve been my favorite part of the whole weekend. I didn’t get Chad to pet a horse, but he did stand about one foot away and let the horse sniff him, so, WE’RE MAKING HUGE STRIDES. 🙂

I’m not sure if this was Paco or Taco, BUT – Chad loved these little guys with all of his heart, and they loved staring at him. He couldn’t stop snapping this one’s photo and laughing at his snaggle tooth.
Sweet old pup who showed us around the barn!

We ventured off the farm, put on our fanny packs, and did tourism the best way we know how: TOURS! Okay, no, we didn’t actually put on fanny packs, but I kind of wish we had them.

First stop: Chocolate World. With a name like that, my heart just leaps. Again, we hadn’t been here since we were kids, so it was really fun to do the silly yet wonderful Chocolate Tour. Anyone else remember those singing cows and the spinning floor? We couldn’t stop laughing.


We had an amazing lunch (Strawberries and pineapple in a wrap? Yes, please.) at the Chocolate Avenue Grill in Hershey. Yep, all of the streets really are chocolate related, and are lined with Hershey Kisses instead of street lights. This little town is Disney of the Mid-Atlantic, I swear. The service at the Grill was fantastic and we loved our lunches! If you go, be sure to try the Zoe Wrap and the Gremolata Wings.

Next, we got our tickets for The Hershey Trolley Tour! Touristy though it may be, it was super fun and very eye-opening! Our guide, Tim, was an absolute hoot with his really, really epic puns.

The tour lasted about an hour and a half and took us all over Hershey, learning about it’s founder, Milton and the great work that he and his wife did for The Milton Hershey School for at-risk youth. His story was actually quite eye-opening and very impressive. After the tour, we found that we had gained so much respect and admiration for good ol’ Milton and the entire Hershey company. Which is a bit concerning, because this will make it way harder to resist buying Reese’s at the office vending machine. It’s for the kids, right?


Chad dared me that I wouldn’t sit on the trolley even though it advised to KEEP OFF. Like my good pal Simba always said, I laugh in the face of danger. Married & wild, over here.

After the tour, we spent some time wandering around The Hotel Hershey – the landmark luxury hotel nearby. Despite it being foggy and gray, it was so much fun, and such a beautiful building! It was built in the early 1933, but it felt like something straight out of a Fitzgerald novel.



We went back to the farm to unwind for a bit. Did I mention that Carolyn & Frank keep a constant supply of wine and beer? Hallelujah. Do you need any more reasons to  We curled up by the fireplace again (not complaining) and relaxed with our books and some good, sweet Red. (Oh, and more extra chocolate chip brownies.)

We had heard wonderful things about Troegs Independent Brewing from both locals and tourists, and Chad’s a huge fan, so we set off there for dinner. We sampled their year round beers and I HAD THE BIGGEST GRILLED CHEESE OF MY WHOLE LIFE. This little square doesn’t do it justice, but I promise that each half was bigger than my face. If you go, please please please do yourself a favor and try it. It’s paired with the most delicious tomato soup, too!




Chad’s chow. Nothing like good, comforting, indulgent brewery food.


The brewery had a really fun, upbeat atmosphere – and it was packed! If you’re headed to Hershey for an adult weekend, you have to promise me that you’ll put a stop at Troegs’ on the top of your list.


On Sunday morning, we had one last delicious breakfast (quiche and blueberry bread…mmmm) at Westwynd Farm and set out for the journey home. We were so sad to leave our little weekend home and promised we’d be back someday. Thank you, Carolyn and Frank, for such a lovely stay!

On the way home, we stopped at a Pennsylvania classic for some shoo-fly and whoopie pies. If you know, then you know. If you don’t know, then I just feel really sorry for you.


Have you been on any fun adventures lately? Are you planning any upcoming trips? 

Tell me about your best getaways in the comments section!


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