I’ll be happier when…

Friends, have you ever said something like this?

I’ll be happier when it’s Spring and the cold weather isn’t bringing me down.

I’ll be happier when I’m finished with graduate school.

I’ll be happier when he finally proposes.

I’ll be happier when we’re expecting a baby.

I’ll be happier when I’m away on vacation.

I’ll be happier when exams are over.

I’ll be happier when my husband starts loving me in this way.

I’ll be happier when I hit a new PR.

I’ll be happier when I find a different job.

I’ll be happier when we’re out of this apartment and into a real house.

If you’re anything like me, we confess I’ll-be-happier-whens in our hearts almost daily. 


Despite being blessed with countless good things in life (literally, too much to even count), I have not appreciated them. I’ve been stuck with a future-minded mentality lately. I tell myself that I’ll be happier when we’re not in a season of transition, when we travel, when I make more money, when I’m training for a marathon again. The list is endless if I’m not careful.

I’ve been in my current season of transition for two months, and I want to get out of it. I have spent so much time wanting to be somewhere else rather than appreciating where I am. Sometimes, I allow myself to get so caught up in the future, so set on how much better things are going to be once life settles down, that I miss the beauty all around me. There is so much good in the here and now, and I am afraid I will miss all of it if I’m so focused on what’s missing, what’s next.

I have a feeling that I’m not alone here. What is it that you’re waiting on? What is it that you’ve convinced yourself will make you happier? Is it finding your new house? Getting a new job? Having a stronger marriage?

The hard truth is that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Heck, we’re not even guaranteed ten minutes from now.

Let’s trust in a God who gives us our minutes and our days, who controls all seasons and all timing. There is a reason that we’re in the season that we’re in, and there’s a reason why we haven’t been given the next one yet. Maybe there’s a friend waiting for you in your graduate school who you have yet to meet. Maybe there’s some growing or learning that you need to do before he proposes. Maybe you’re not meant to get pregnant, maybe you’re called to the miracle of adoption. Maybe you’re not ready to hit a new PR, but needed to appreciate the gifts and goals that you’ve already achieved. Maybe there’s actually something that you can be doing to love your husband better. Maybe you’re not out of your apartment building yet, because there’s a hurting family next door who needs somebody to lean on.

Maybe God has you where you are right now, because there’s just so much that He wants to give you. So many ways that He wants to love you in the here and now.

I’ll be happier when I start savoring my season. Will you join me?






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