Heart-to-Heart Hump Day: Anna Pilling of Equipping Strength

This week I had the privilege of chatting with a strong and beautiful gal from Dallas, Texas. Friends – meet the lovely Anna Pilling, co-owner of Equipping Strength. I know you’ll love what she has to say about having a job that she loves, setting goals, and real beauty. Enjoy!


Hi Anna, thank you for joining me today! I’d love to know how you got started on your fitness journey. Where does your passion for women’s health come from?

I fell in love with fitness my senior year in High School. I had always been an active child growing up and grew up playing volleyball and doing ballet. However, my senior year is when I got a gym membership and truly fell in love with working out. I changed the way I was eating and began to make health and fitness apart of my life. I knew I wanted to go to school to major in Kinesiology/Exercise science and that’s exactly what I did. Ever since then, I’ve always had a heart for women’s health/fitness because as a woman, I understand the pressure the world puts on us to look a certain way. I want women to find beauty in their strength and find confidence in making health and fitness their lifestyle.

What is Equipping Strength?

Equipping Strength is founded on Psalm 18:32. “It is God who equips me with strength, and keeps my way secure.”

We offer one on one personal training, buddy training, nutrition coaching, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and athletic performance training.

We are located in the heart of Dallas, TX and work with clients of all ages and fitness levels. We also have several online coaching programs for those who are not located in Dallas or just need some guidance with workouts and nutrition.

Photos by: www.CoburnPhoto.com
Photos by: http://www.CoburnPhoto.com

Did you ever imagine that you’d own a business with your husband? How did Equipping Strength come to life?

I always knew I would start my own business one day, however I never imagined I would marry someone who was in the same profession and shared the same goals.

Austin and I started Equipping Strength about a year ago. We were both working as personal trainers at a gym (that’s where we met 😉 ) and after getting married a few months prior, we decided to start our own business. We had already built up a good client base and we wanted to extend our services to those online, as well.

Is Equipping Strength your full-time job? What’s a typical day like for you?

Yes, with the combination of training clients and then creating programs for our online clientele. Both of our days start EARLY. We are up everyday between 5:45-6am. My first client starts at 6am every morning and they come to my house. Austin trains the majority of his clients at this awesome strength and conditioning style gym not too far from our house. Our mornings are pretty busy, then we usually train a couple people during the lunch hour. Our afternoons are usually open, so that’s when we workout, have lunch, and take a little rest. Then we often have a few more clients in the early evening. By the time we are both home for the night, we are usually exhausted. We meal prep and cook our own meals and really only eat out once or twice on the weekends.


What do you like to do to relax and recharge on rest days?

It depends what the weather is like. If it’s nice outside we love to go take our dog to the dog park, go on a walk at the lake, or grab dinner on a patio and enjoy the evening. When it’s cold out, we love to order in pizza or make homemade, and watch netflix. Lazy sundays are our favorite!


Do you ever have the rare occasion when you struggle with motivation? What’s your trick to get out the door and moving?

Of course! We all have those days! I honestly just tell myself that if I can just get to the gym, I will feel so much better afterwards. And I do!! Some mornings it’s hard to get up and train my 6am clients, but once I am in it, I love it! Whenever you work a job you are passionate about, it truly doesn’t feel like work!

Photos by: www.CoburnPhoto.com
Photos by: http://www.CoburnPhoto.com

Any advice for women who are struggling with body confidence?

YOU are beautiful! Most of all, focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Focus on getting stronger in the gym. Set goals for yourself and not just how much weight you want to lose. If you focus on getting stronger and reaching daily and weekly goals, the weight loss will come. Also, don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t compare your progress to their progress. Enjoy the journey YOU are on.


What is the most important thing for women to remember as they set goals for healthier nutrition and exercise plans?

Take baby steps. Rather than going all in and changing everything at first, maybe just focus on nutrition first. Then go to the gym 3 times a week. Then maybe once you feel you can commit to more, add in another day. Don’t over commit at first or then you will get stressed out and want to quit. And don’t forget to ask for help! Talk with a trainer or coach who can guide you, hold you accountable, and help you reach your goals.

Do you have a favorite workout that readers can try at home?

Head to the blog http://equippingstrength.com/blog/ and you will be sure to find some great workouts 🙂


I love the recipes that you share on your blog! Is there a favorite recipe you have for readers to try?

Oh it’s so hard to pick a favorite!! One I am loving right now during the winter is this White Bean Chicken Chili. You throw all the ingredients in the crockpot, set it on low for 7-8 hours and Voila! You have a balanced yet delicious comfort meal.

You can find the recipe here:



Just for fun, what are three things in life that you’re loving right now?


  • G2G Bars: These Good 2 Go bars are my new absolute favorite protein bars! The peanut butter chocolate chip seriously tastes like a Reese’s cup. They are made up of whole food ingredients, no preservatives, and taste AMAZING. You can receive 20% by using our code STRENGTH at checkout! http://www.g2gbar.com
  • Athleta: This is one of my favorite stores!! They have the cutest clothes for working out but also just casual running around town clothes. I’m big on comfort, so give me some cute leggings, a soft oversized sweater and some sneakers and I’m good to go 🙂
  • Tazo Tea: I LOVE this tea! I have some every morning after breakfast and sometimes for a little afternoon pick me up. I love the Vanilla Caramel Chai if I need a little caffeine or the Sweet Cinnamon Spice (caffeine free) for later in the day/evening. So yummy!

Isn’t she the greatest? Thanks for sharing your life and encouragement with us, Anna!

To stay up to date with Anna and Equipping Strength, follow @equippingstrength and @annagrace_pill

For workouts, recipes, and exercise tips, visit Equipping Strength’s blog.




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