Lately: February

This is our last month in Delaware, and I’m wanting to soak it up and savor it as much as possible. So far, February has been so good to us. We closed on our house and moved in with my in-laws (a huge blessing rather than having to post up in a hotel for a month!), bought an SUV for our cross-country adventure, and celebrated Chad’s birthday with a date in Philly, a fancy brunch at the Hotel du Pont,  and a Super Bowl party with friends. (Was anyone else’s favorite moment when Peyton hugged Papa John? I don’t care if it was a paid endorsement – HOW PRECIOUS.)

We’ve got lovely things in the coming weeks on our calendars, too. Date nights and farewell dinners, a trip to the mountain house with my side of the family, and a weekend at the beach with some of our best friends. Thank you, February, for sending us off in the sweetest ways. I want to remember these final days always.


Lately, I’ve been…

Reading… You and Me Forever by Francis Chan, and loving it so much. Did you know you can read it for free if you download the app? Get on that! It’s such a gift.

You and Me Forever
Playing… old school Taylor Swift records in the car like I’m lovesick and fifteen years old again. No shame here.
Watching… The Bachelor. Again, judge me all you want to but no shame about this one. 🙂 What’s even better is that Chad watches it with me. What a dreamboat.
Trying… To swear off of coffee for good! I feel so much better on the days that I opt for tea + water over coffee.
Cooking… This beautiful bake for Chad tomorrow. Fall flavors never go out of style, am I right?

Eating… lots of tofu and not hating it. There’s so many creative things out there nowadays that don’t make me miss meat a bit!
Drinking… matcha, matcha, matcha. I know, I’m a broken record. JUST TRY IT.
Texting… terribly. I’ve been horrible about texting back loved ones in a timely manner lately – but it’s kind of been bringing out a stronger sense of freedom. It’s taught me that I never want to make others feel like they have to be tied to their phones 24/7. I might not ever get good at texting again. 😉
Pinning… coops on coops on coops. Can’t wait to have chickens someday!


Going… nowhere tonight. Snow has been falling on us all day! Time to stay safe and cozy inside.
Thinking… about all of the different housing options for us in San Diego, and driving myself a little crazy trying to decide on a home. Thankful for friends like Jill and Lindsey who have been touring and fielding the neighborhoods for us!
Listening (to)… the Philadelphia evening news. Call me strange, but I’m going to miss Action News like crazy. If you know, you know.

Celebrating… Chad’s lifelong friend’s engagement! We are so excited for Mike + Lara and were lucky to celebrate with them on Saturday night.
Ordering… A small part that our SUV needs. Grateful for my handy, brilliant husband who loves a challenge and is going to figure out how to fix it himself!
Thanking… God for providing a great job for me in San Diego. I’m so excited about it!

Hoping… for endless hours in the days ahead to get to spend time with everyone we love. Goodbyes are just the worst.

Considering… what to fast (or to resolve to start) for Lent.
Starting… to research about serious writing opportunities, and starting to invest in my professional development as a writer. A long road ahead, but great things to come.
Finishing… binge-watching About a Boy on Netflix. A little cheesy, but feel-good and funny. Try it! Especially if you, too, loved Dr. Sam on New Girl. 😉

Loving… this quote from one of my favorite authors. And also loving each of you. Have a great week, friends.








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