Lately: June


YOU GUYS. I can’t believe it’s been over THREE months since I blogged. If you stayed in the loop with our cross-country trip, move, and great adventure – you know that life for us lately has been an absolute whirlwind and blogging has sadly fallen to the wayside. I’m happy to report that we are finally settling into somewhat of normalcy and routine here in San Diego…so I’m mustering up all of the discipline and intention that I can to get back to blogging on a regular basis. 🙂 Here’s what we’ve been up to this month!

Lately: June

Lately, I’ve been…

Reading… Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. Ok, Jen, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Sitting there on the library shelf, your book looked so humble, sweet, and unassuming. I didn’t expect you to turn my whole world upside down! I’ve found myself devouring this book every free moment that I can – and sharing with Chad all of the things I want to change/do/throw out/give away. This book has caused such a paradigm shift for me and I highly recommend it to anyone!


Playing… lots and lots of Johnnyswim. This song is a personal favorite lately.

Watching… Hart of Dixie on Netfix. Y’all, I’ve got zero shame. The overacting is terrible. The lines are cheesy. The plots are predictable. And yet somehow, I’m hooked. There’s something Gilmore Girls-y about it.

Trying… Barre! Despite being a clumsy, ungraceful, far-cry from a ballerina – I’m excited to give this new workout a try later this week. Crossing my fingers to not fall flat on my face.

Cooking… vegan tacos and loaded sweet potatos (for me) and turkey burgers, sloppy joes, chicken and quinoa (for Chad) this week. Also, these DELICIOUS and super easy PB/Chocolate bars. I’ll share the recipe with you later this week! They can be made either vegan or with milk products, so everyone wins.

Nothing glamorous or artistic about this photo – just proof that it’s so delicious that it had to be devoured before a photo could be snapped.

Drinking… coffee from a new favorite stand at the beach, and Suja! Always Suja.

Eating… Plant Power, a new vegan “fast food” restaurant in our neighborhood that is probably going to take all of my fun money this month. For lunch, I had a tempeh and tofu “chicken, bacon, caesar” wrap, fries, and kombucha – totally vegan and GMO free and dangerously delicious.


Pinning… mostly recipes, but also some day trips and trails I hope we tackle this summer. We hiked these trails in Rancho Bernardo over the weekend and I’m still terrified of rattlesnakes, even if I haven’t seen one yet. 🙂


Going… to grab coffee with a new neighbor/friend tonight. Really looking forward to some girl time. 🙂

Listening (to)… Live While We’re Young, again by Johnnyswim. Okay okay, I’m a fangirl.

Thanking… J + J for planning a group trip to Mexico, right around the corner! We can’t wait.


Hoping… for June Gloom to go away and for the sun to shine without ceasing really soon!

Attempting… to master the manual treadmill. Not as easy as it looks and actually kind of terrifying the first time…but it feels like such a better, hard-earned run compared to the standard treadmill!


Starting… the counselor training program at our church. I’m so excited to get to play a small part in bringing hope and encouragement to those hurting in our community.

Finishing…another page in this sweet coloring book from Paige Tate. Seriously, why didn’t I think of adult coloring books first? Absolutely genius – I’ve got no shame and can’t resist curling up with crayons and scripture at the end of a long day.


 Hope June has been wonderful to you so far! XO


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