Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! My boss let us out a little bit early today, the sun is shining in San Diego, and Chad and I are packing for a weekend adventure away with friends. My heart is doing cartwheels! Before we hit the road, I wanted to check in for a round of Friday Five: five things I’m loving that I hope you’ll enjoy, too.

1. Kale & Pea Smoothie



Admittedly, I know I’m not starting this list off with the most attractive title. Before you run at the name of two green vegetables – please trust me when I say that this protein-packed smoothie is not only nutritious, but delicious! I’ve been using a new vegan protein blend and it’s been a treat after each morning run over the past few days. I’ll share the easy pea-sy (I know, I know, you’re rolling your eyes) recipe with you next week!

2. The Rich Roll Podcast

Specifically, this episode with Jedidiah Jenkins. This is a perfect listen for anyone who craves to do something meaningful, brave, and maybe even a little bit scary with their life.


download (1).jpg

Another special treat for me this week has been GT’s Synergy Organic Kombucha. I especially love the Strawberry Serenity flavor. Interested about why this strange drink has been such a trendy “super food” lately? Read on about the health benefits of kombucha!

4. My best friend is coming to town!


One of my COMOHs (co-Maid of Honor) is planning a west coast road trip! She’ll be driving from Chad and I in San Diego all the way up to the coast to our other best pal in Seattle. She just booked her flights today and I’m so thrilled to see her – but even more excited for her epic adventure. She’s worked so hard to earn her Master’s Degree over the last few years, and I’m so glad she’s taking this time for herself to explore, dream, and see why the west coast is the best coast. 😉

5. Summer to Thrive from Jess Connolly

download (2).jpg

A sweet little love note from her, to you, here.

Hope your weekend is full of long runs and lots of fun – savor it! XO



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