Hey there. Haven’t seen you in forever!

Have I told y’all lately how glad I am that you’re here?

(I’m really, really glad. Like, this glad.)

Thanks so much for reading. Grab a cup of something hot and stay awhile!

I’ve been a bit silent on Facebook, Instagram, this blog, and well…just about everywhere over the past few weeks. The radio silence started off with our trip back home to the Philadelphia area. I was trying to be as fully present and engaged with our family and friends as possible for the short time we were there. And, that was successful! We had such fun times with our people and made really wonderful memories. Looking back on that whirlwind trip to the East Coast has me feeling all warm and fuzzy, and anxious for it to be Christmastime, so that we can fly back and do it again! The Southern California life is a sweet adventure that I wouldn’t trade in, but man, oh man, there is no place like home.

After coming home, I went on a mini-break from social media. I took about ten days off just to unplug and recharge, free from comparison, distraction, or pressure to post and write. I think that the moment that social media becomes something negative or taxing on our hearts — that’s the perfect time to take a break. The fast was so sweet for me – I spent so much time with God, in prayer, and with my nose in a book. My soul desperately needed the rest, and now I come back to this space a little more focused, with gratitude, perspective + purpose. 🙂

My goal for this blog is to not only have a creative outlet where I can share my heart and play with words – but that it would truly be a place that inspires you to strengthen your heart, body, and mind…and to live with purpose and joy. There’s lots of dreaming and planning to be done in the coming weeks to make that happen – but I sure am thankful to have you along for the ride.

The days have been simple and slow this past week. They’ve even been sad, and challenging. We lost an aunt that we were very close to this past week, and her death felt even harder to accept being “alone” here, 3,000 miles away from our family. But we’re clinging tight to each other – and somehow, that makes these not-so-glamorous, not-so-perfect days, this real life, even sweeter.

I’ve got to scurry off to work soon, but I’d love to just share a few fun photos with you of what we’ve been up to lately:

Heading to Home Sweet East Coast.
And we totally felt like fancy people splurging on the overpriced airplane wine. 😉
Being back in Philly and seeing this made me WEEP. I can’t wait for football season!


Ok, but this photo makes me weep even more. We surprised Matt, Chad’s best friend of 16 years, at his 30th birthday party! His wife, Gwen, planned the best afternoon at the Phillies game.
A highlight of the trip: silly snuggles with my little brother and sister.


We had a blast on the Atlantic with my mom’s side of the family – Love those Wildwood days.
I enjoyed a few easy runs along the sea wall. 🙂


FullSizeRender (2)

We finally flew back to San Diego after delays on delays on delays. Luckily, they gave us all the snacks and coffee (and 50% off our next tickets!) to make up for it.
Back home to work, responsibilities, and reality – but it’s not so bad. 🙂
Saturday surf competition in our neighborhood
Just something I’ve been really loving lately.
I’ve been trying to get more intentional with my cross training –  I sent this photo to my brother, since he is a Division 1 rower and is always crushing workouts on this thing!
Low point of the week: Chase had really bad allergies and has been confined to a cone! At least we signed it for some comedic relief. 🙂
Be still my heart. While waiting for our cars in the shop, Chad and I had an impromptu date day and stumbled upon these gluten-free and vegan ice cream sandwiches.
This doesn’t even accurately convey my excitement levels. It was delicious and I’m already scheming when we can go again!


And even more date day treats. 🙂 Strawberry banana protein smoothie for Chad, Pitaya & Acai bowl for me. Yum!


Have a great week, friends! Check back on Thursday for another post. 🙂 XO