Currently | November


loving | Days of rest, like today. I spend too much of my life worrying about going, doing, striving, being – constantly fixed on the “next” thing up ahead. Chad and I have challenged ourselves to just sit and rest and laze around today. While it brought on a bit of fear at first, I must say – this timeout for the soul has been much needed. Selah.

wanting | I’m fortunate to say that I don’t want for much these days. How about for these next few weeks between today and Christmas break to fly by? 🙂

needing | discipline and structure for the day-to-day.

missing | our getaway to Seattle last weekend. Recap coming soon!

watching | just finished Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and oh my word. If anyone needs to process your feels…email me. I still don’t know how to deal with it.

listening | our pastor’s little daughter (the most precious) sang this in church today and I haven’t stopped listening since.

reading | Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan, Acts with Chad, and this article which just made me laugh so hard.

learning | More and more everyday about contentment and gratitude. A hard lesson, but one that I need.

feeling | A little bit of a sore throat coming on. Stay away!

craving | Clean, healthy, whole food. A green juice. A desperately needed reset after Thanksgiving weekend.

smelling | a Gingerbread latte that was FREE. Thanks so much, Postmates. I love ya long time. Things taste even better when you don’t pay for them, am I right?

laughing at | Chase snoring in his sleep, while his eyes are open and roll to the back. What a weirdo.

celebrating | Two years since our engagement!