Weekend Wrap-Up + 5 Things to Brighten Your Monday!

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Happy Monday, Happy Monday, Happy Monday. If I say “happy” and associate it with Monday enough – it’ll actually become a true feeling, right? While I love my job, I’m dragging my feet to work this morning because this weekend was just too fun. The weather was absolutely perfect and we wanted to soak it up as much as possible – don’t make me go back inside to a cubicle!

Chad and I were both off of work on Friday (#win) so our weekend started early! I have every other Friday off, and I usually use those days to catch up on rest and get errands, laundry, and cleaning done so that I can fully enjoy the weekend ahead. So that’s what we spent Friday doing (and we were WAY behind on chores after traveling for a few weeks) but adulting is always way more fun when I get to do it with my husband. We also took Chase on a long walk together, hit the gym, and took a late night Target trip. It’s the little things!

unnamed (7).jpg
Confession: I HATE strength training and I’m terrible at it – but I’ve learned the hard way in the past that it’s necessary. I always feel like a weakling and get bored pretty quickly – do any of you superwomen have tips/tricks or any particularly fun strength workouts that you love?

On Saturday, we did our typical, beloved routine of crossfit and a long run. Chad’s box is right across the street from one of the most beautiful places to run in San Diego – so it’s always fun to do this first part of our day together – my run always finishes at his gym with a plethora of snacks and water 🙂 I did 6 relaxed miles and Chad practiced with his teammates for a competition later this month. I love to watch him do what he loves and can’t wait to cheer him on! He’s doing crazy things beyond my comprehension, like handstand pushups and rope climbs. I don’t understand, but I’m impressed.


Later in the afternoon, Chad joined me for hike #9 of the 52 Hike Challenge. Have you heard of this before? If you love getting out there – totally do this! My mom and I are virtually doing it “together” and it’s a lot of fun, and motivating to have a reason and a goal to disconnect from the world and explore somewhere new each week.

We hiked another 5 miles together (70 degree weather!) – ten miles total for the day!
Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature
As you can see…her hike #9 was infinitely more epic. Way to go Mom!

And of course we had to celebrate with a froyo date. 🙂 Also, I will never not love cereal that’s made for children. I just bought a box of Crunch Berries last month and I have no shame and zero regrets.


It was our first time at Cup of Yo’ and we loved it! This calendar of local fun was a highlight. Lego Club? Yes please.

Sunday was filled with all of the good, slow, and restful soul things: church and lots of snuggles with the pup. I had some fun in the kitchen whipping up brownies for a friend and after having one too many spoonfulls of the leftover batter, I figured I might as well make something with kale in it. I found this super easy recipe for Tomato, Kale, & Quinoa Soup here. I’m usually a little clumsy in the kitchen and am by no means a cook, but if I can throw something in a crockpot and make the house smell delicious and have 10 servings come out of it — I’ve gotta share the wealth! Most of the ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, anyway. Give it a try. 🙂

Even though we’re in a pseudo-summer, something about making warm soup in January just feels right.


I also spent some time planning week #2 of 2017 in the Compete Training Journal from the lovely Lauren Fleshman. This was a sweet Christmas gift from by speedy BFF who qualified for Boston without even trying, Mary Kathleen. You da best!

Another favorite gift that I tried out this weekend – a water pack from my brother in-law. Thank you, Adam!

Aaaaand…that’s a wrap! Back to my cubicle and reality. But first – a few things that have brought a smile to my face lately, and I hope they’ll make your Monday brighter. Hang in there, friends…what you’re doing matters – you matter – and it’ll be Friday again before we know it. 🙂

God is within her, she will not fail Psalms 46:5:

An Old Horse and His Friend 

Image result for an old horse and his friend cbs


Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

Any Stranger Things fans out there? I love these kids!

And lastly, She restored her van so she could travel the world with her dog.

(I mean, seriously…GOALS. Plus Chad.)


Have a wonderful day!

A good Monday morning reminder.:


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