The Best Coffee Date You’ll Ever Have

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The best coffee date you’ll ever have won’t be with that cute boy who sits down the hall from you at work. It won’t be with your old friend from high school that you’re catching up with after lost time (although those kinds of reunions are the greatest, right?!), and it won’t be with your spouse or your kids or your best girlfriend, either.

The best coffee date you’ll ever have will be with the one who made you, who knows every terrible thing that you did and loves you anyway, the one who created you on purpose and for a purpose, the one who longs for alone time with you.

About seven years ago, when I started to explore what a real relationship with God looked like – I had a lot to learn. And that learning curve was STEEP. The fact that God not only knew everything about me, inside and out, the good and the bad and the really, really ugly – but that in spite of all of my brokenness and the mistakes that I made, that he actually loved me, too?! That just blew my mind. It took me years to wrestle with and I truly doubted it at first. But during those years of wandering and wondering about my faith, I started to hear two words quietly passed around church halls and bible studies. Quiet time. Up until that point, the only instance that “quiet time” was ever in my vocabulary was when I was laying down the law to the two rowdy, rambunctious little boys that I nannied for.

I didn’t fully understand what quiet time was yet, but I knew one thing was for sure: the people that talked about it, the people that carved out quiet time during their every day…they had so. much. joy. And their hearts were SO full. To be honest, their joy weirded me out first. Could a joy and a love like that even be real? But once I saw that they had the sense of hope and fulfillment that I’d been desperately searching for for a long, long time…that’s when I knew I needed to try actually spending time with God. One on one. Just me and Him. No church pews, no music, no pastors, no rules. It was just raw, sincere time with a dear friend who I wished I had known all my life.

Since then, I try to have quiet time every morning. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect at it. There are some days when I sleep late and wake up frazzled and rushed and I run out the door, and there are some days when I believe the lie that other things are more important to tend to than spending time with Jesus. But on the days when I sleepily stumble out to the kitchen, turn on the coffee pot, and plop on the couch with a Bible open or hands folded…that’s when I find that hope, fulfillment, and that same joy that totally weirded me out at first. There’s nothing else like it, and it’s all because of Him. Friends, I so desperately want that for you, too.

Life isn’t always easy. The world is a broken place and it makes me weary. Some days are long and challenging and require every bit of strength I can muster up just to get through it. But when I give the first moments of my day over to Jesus and surrender to His love and guidance – there is nothing that the day ahead could throw at me that I can’t handle. 

Quiet time doesn’t look the same for any two people – and that’s the beauty of it. The best thing about a relationship with Jesus is that He loves you for YOU. He loves you for who He created you to be and He doesn’t expect you to look or act or think or pray like anybody else. There’s nothing to get right. There are no rules to follow, no dress code, no right words to say. He doesn’t care if this is your first time meeting with Him in your life, He won’t push you away if you’ve pushed Him away or doubted Him before. He simply just wants you to come as you are (messy bun, morning breath, and all) and lay your fears down at his feet. All He wants is time with you to show you how much he cares for you.

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If you’re looking for some quiet time inspiration – I’ve got you covered! When I first started trying to implement this in my daily routine, it was a s t r u g g l e. I didn’t even know where the Gospels were and the only Bible stories I knew were the ones that we watched in elementary school cartoon movies. I felt unqualified and unprepared – but luckily our sweet God doesn’t demand perfection or prerequisites. 🙂

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Pretty sure we watched this during every Indoor Recess, ever. #glorydays

A relationship with Jesus is constantly evolving and strengthening. Intentionally pursuing time to know Him is not always easy, but my gosh, it is always so worth it. In building a relationship with him, I’ve found some great friends and wonderful resources along the way. I hope these books, blogs, tips, and tricks will help guide you to the start of a purposeful start to your day. Or if it’s been a while since you’ve talked to God (no judgment, I’ve been there!), I hope that some of these resources will help you fall back in love with time spent with Him. Remember – there is no right way or formula – just be with Him in a way that works for you.

Getting Started

Be Still and Know That He is God…but How?

How to Have a Quiet Time

Brighten Your Bible Study

You Need Your Own Space

And if you really don’t know where to start – try this video from Caroline Williams. If you love to be active in the morning but still want to prioritize quiet time, she’ll easily guide you through a relaxing, uplifting Christian yoga session to connect you with God. This is one of my favorites!

Books + Blogs

Savor by Shauna Niequist

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A short devotion for every day. This book lives on my coffee table and I’ve been reading it (almost) daily for the past two years.I never grow bored or tired of it and it always makes my day much brighter.

Live with Purpose: SOAP Studies from Abby Ecker – entertaining and encouraging!

 Jesus Today by Sarah Young – quick and simple!

Proverbs 31 – awesome daily emails!

She Reads Truth – so helpful if you want to read the Bible but don’t know where to start.

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I hope you’ll join me in taking some quiet time with Jesus today. Before you hit the gym or race to work — just sit and be still first. You might be surprised to see how much your heart needed the rest and refuge, and how much better your day will be because of it. If you have any favorite prayer/study resources, please share in the comments below! Wishing you a beautiful day. XO


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