Training Check-In

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re resting today and taking time for things that you love with your people.

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Sunday is a pretty sacred day around here. Unless it’s race day, we don’t really workout or push ourselves with too much housework, chores, errands, or items from the to-do list. We rest. We slow down. To us, Sundays are for church, for slow breakfast, for longer walks with Chase, and for time outside exploring the beauty that San Diego has to offer. Oh, and for football! Always football. 🙂

Since I’m not running today (but I’ll admit – I want to be!), I wanted to recap this week’s workouts and check in on my training for upcoming half-marathons and a full marathon. I hope to be able to reflect on my runs + workouts each week and look back on how I overcame trials and struggles in pursuit of a goal.

I’ll be honest – I’ve been running for a long, long time…but I’ve always felt very insecure about sharing my journey with running. Some of that insecurity has sounded like, “but I’m not that fast and haven’t accomplished much compared to other runners…why does it matter?”…and it’s also sounded like, “documenting your running is self-focused and self-seeking…why do you think you matter and why would you think that anyone cares?”. So I would run…and not tell anybody about it. Or I’d finish a race and accomplish a goal, but I wouldn’t share it with anyone at the risk of sounding selfish or conceited. I’m so thankful that over the past year, God has changed my negative thought patterns and has instead encouraged me to share my running – to be a good steward of my health and the body that He’s given me, to celebrate what He’s doing in my life, and to encourage others to dream big and pursue their goals, no matter how daunting they may seem.

Running brings me joy. And just because I’ve never been the fastest girl on the team, or because I’m worried of what other people may think – I shouldn’t hide. Running clears my mind. It helps me feel closer to Him. I learn more about myself and who I really am with each mile. Running reminds me that I can do hard things. That I am enough. That skinny is out and strong, healthy confidence is in. I am so thankful for all that God has done through running to restore and heal me – body, heart, and soul.

So, as you read this, please know it is never my desire to earn praise or to be popular or cool in the eyes of others. God has simply given me a love for running and fitness, instilled in me at a young age, and I’m just finally ready to share it with others. It’s my prayer that through documenting my running journey, my faith will grow deeper and I will inspire others to walk (or run!) with God and trust Him with their lives.

With all that being said…let’s get to that recap, shall we?

Monday: 7 mile tempo (2 mi warm-up @ 9:30, 4 mi tempo, 1 mile cool down)

Tuesday: 4 easy miles + strength

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2 miles + strength

Friday: 10 miles @ 9:22 pace

Saturday: 3 easy mile run + 2 mile walk with Chad

Sunday: Yoga + long walk with our pup 🙂

Total: 26 miles 

Displaying IMG_9233.jpg
My best friend gave me the Compete Training Journal (from Lauren Fleshman) and it has been such a great accountability tool!

Thanks so much for joining me here and reading along. Whether you’re a runner or not, I hope that you’ll feel brave in pursuing the things you love and the things that make you come alive in the week ahead. I pray that you will never be ashamed of who you are and how God made you…but that you’ll be bold to share your faith with others, for His glory.

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2 thoughts on “Training Check-In

  1. That’s the beauty of running – we are in competition with ourselves. There will always be people faster and slower than us. I just started using the Believe journal, too. I find it very helpful. Sounds like you had a great week!


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