Weekend Recap + Monday Morning Joy

You know those kinds of weekends that are so beautiful, you only come inside to shower and sleep?


Yep, that was our weekend. After a week of dreary cold and rain, San Diego’s sunny-and-75 perfection was back!

After a half-day of work on Friday (#praisehands), Chase and I took a mini road-trip to North County to spend some time in our favorite towns, Solana Beach and Cardiff by-the-Sea, to log some miles for week 12 of the 52 Hike Challenge. Have you checked the challenge out yet? Opt outside and give it a shot! 


Saturday was a loooong day well spent cheering on Chad and his teammates at his second competition. He worked so hard to accomplish new PRs (including 100 unbroken Double-Unders!!!) and I was so proud to watch him. Every workout that he and the other athletes crushed was seriously inspiring – but also enough to make you a little nauseous. I think I’d rather run a marathon than spend 5 minutes on the Assault Bike, wouldn’t you? Lots of friends and lots of sunshine…it was a really fun day! #crossfitwifecrossfitlife

Checking out the new Nano 7s! Finally…we found a size big enough to accommodate Chad’s feet. 😉


When you’re seriously inspired by your husband but also holding your breath and praying that he won’t break his neck…


jumpman, jumpman, jumpman them boys up to somethin’.




Sweet Kilo girl! Team pup.


Sunday was another perfect day well spent in the sun on steep trails with good friends and a beautiful church service.


And before you head back to the office and give in to the temptation to be bummed out by the end of the weekend (so tough, I know!)…check out some Monday Morning Joy.

  1. My friend Abby’s inspiring message from this weekend. As if her words weren’t enough to convince you of her awesomeness already, did I mention she’s a marathoner AND a new mama? I love this girl – check out her great devos here.


2. Happy running news: Runners Assist Injured 73 Year-Old Man to the Finish Line

3. And just some good ol’ running inspiration:

It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable.:

I feel like this is something a villain would say ;):

Running motivation quote gift for runner by JenniferDareDesigns:

IF:Equip - Online Bible Studies                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

Love you guys! Have a wonderful week, stay positive, and trust God with everything that comes your way. XOXO


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