Friday Five: Naming the Good Stuff

It seems that lately God has been teaching me so much about the topic of contentment – and how I desperately need more of it in my heart. Whether in my job, marriage, friendships, material possessions, or even fitness + running, I can clearly see the ways that He’s been teaching me to have gratitude and contentment for the life that I have — and not to covet what others have. Gosh, with social media, that can be so hard, right?

So for this round of Friday Five, I’m naming the good stuff and counting off five things in my life that I’m grateful for – that I so appreciate, that I wouldn’t change, that I’m recognizing for the gifts that they are.

When we name the good stuff in our own lives, it ends the comparison game and helps us to love our own lives more. We won’t have room to wonder “what if my life looked more like hers?” when we’re deeply grateful for the life that He’s given us.

Friday Five: Naming the Good Stuff

1. Speed Work and Good Friends

Runners are always stronger together, right? This week, I was so thankful to have two friends join me for the SDTC workout – 6x800s. If it were not for them, I surely would not have been running at a 7:50/mi pace! I’m thankful for the ways that friends and fellow runners push us to be better and faster. 

2. My Dad 

Look at his watch selfie — how cute is he?! He’d be a great #instarunner. My dad is a 10-time marathoner (and a big reason why I fell in love with running in the first place!), but he has fallen away from running over the past 6 or 7 years as life got a bit crazier for him. He just turned 50 and is now committed to running  and being fit again. He’s building back up slowly but strongly and I am so thankful for his rediscovered determination! 

3. Trails Close to Home 

These are my favorite trails, with oceanfront views, and I am so grateful that I can easily run to them from my front door! Sometimes I take for granted living at the beach, as everyday life sets in, but man oh man, every time I’m on these trails I’m reminded how much we are spoiled. 

4. Doing Everyday Life With These Cute Boys

No explanation necessary. 🙂 they make me so happy. 

5. Vegan Fast Food!

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta indulge with a burger now and then. Can you believe this beauty is 100% entirely vegan? So good! 

Thanks for reading along! 

What are five things that you’re grateful for today? 

Any fun running plans for the weekend? Are you racing?




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