Weekend Recap (and the San Diego RNR Half-Marathon!)

Hello, Monday and hello, new week!

Living The Life We Have Imagined:


Need some encouragement this morning? My friend Abby just launched a free devotional studying the book of Joshua! It only takes 5 minutes and is sure to brighten your day and draw you closer to God. Join me in reading it each morning.


Now onto this past weekend…it was wonderful!

I swear it was Friday like 5 minutes ago:


It all kicked off Friday morning with the launch of the new Stay Great My Girl shop! Have you checked it out yet? I was overwhelmed with the early orders and support from family, friends, and blog readers!

I was ahead on my hours at the office and was able to leave work early on Friday afternoon. I went downtown to the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon/Half Expo. Normally, Chad and I go to expos together on Saturday, but I wanted to beat the crazy crowds as this race has around 35,000 people in and out of the convention center in two days!

The expo was a lot of fun, as they always are. I got to watch a live interview with Meb Keflezighi (San Diego’s hero), talk to other San Diego Track Club members, and grabbed lots of goodies/samples.


We slept in since no long run was on the agenda! First time in a long time – #praisehandsemoji. We had a leisurely breakfast and I set off for a 2 mile run/walk at the cliffs to shake out the cobwebs while Chad went to CrossFit. June Gloom is in full effect here in San Diego, but it was still beautiful.

Image result for sunset cliffs
Obviously not my photo 🙂 but I wanted to show you why this is my favorite run spot…miles and miles of views like these!

Image result for pirates cove tiki port

Walked over to tiki port afterwards for a special coffee treat before running errands and doing laundry all morning. It can’t be beach time and long runs always – real life duties still have to happen. 🙂

For dinner, we made meatloaf (for chad), tempeh (for me), salad, and pasta. Carbo-loading before the race! We tried this new pasta from Trader Joe’s and I love it.


I spent the rest of the night fulfilling orders from the SGMG shop (AKA trying to distract myself from pre-race jitters). I am humbled at the number of orders I received in the first weekend. Thank you, thank you!


The highly-anticipated, long-awaited, San Diego Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon!!!

While it was an amazing day and a great race to be a part of…it didn’t go as planned for me. My heart was broken that I let myself down and missed the goal I had been striving for by 4 minutes. I let negative thoughts get the best of me about halfway through and I started believing the lie that I wasn’t good enough or fast enough to finish in my goal time. And so, I let the negative thoughts win, I slowed down, and I finished in 2:04:33.

I cried at the finish but received wonderful advice from Chad, family, and friends. They reminded me of some much needed perspective that running is a gift.


As my friend Abby so eloquently put it, “We need to remember – we don’t just run to achieve or for time; we run because we love it, we run because of the joy it brings, we run because it’s an outlet and an encouragement and a freedom! And nothing can change that.”

That was all that I needed to hear to be brought back down to reality and to focus on what really matters. 🙂 Remember her wise words the next time you miss a goal! And then keep pushing forward and don’t give up on that goal. It will happen.

Chad is the best and has never missed one of my races! He wakes up super early (4am this time, with no grumbling!) and gets all around the course to see me at different spots. Whatever the results of the race are, meeting with him at the finish is always my favorite part.

FullSizeR (20).jpg

Other Favorite Moments of the Race:

  • Meeting a guy from Philly and doing an Eagles chant around mile 2
  • A mid-run fist bump from a guy who was also wearing Isaiah 40:31 on his shirt
  • Orange slices from neighborhood kids in North Park
  • A sign that said, “You better RUN…I had to move my car for this”, in one of the residential neighborhoods.
  • Running past Hariette Thompson, a 94-year old woman who set the world record yesterday as the oldest woman to complete a Half-Marathon
  • Seeing my coworker Colleen cheering on the sidewalk in Normal Heights
  • Seeing a firefighter running the full marathon in full gear (even his tank!)
  • The DJ/dance party tunnel at San Diego City College overpass


Celebratory Lunch Date: About halfway through the race I was dreaming of this amazing salad (that I probably get once a week!) from our local Cuban restaurant. We are regulars there and our “usual” tasted even better after 13.1 miles. 🙂

FullSizeR (21)

The rest of the day was perfect. Even though it was gloomy, we took Chase on a long walk by the bay (pups need to get their miles in, too!). Leisurely walks with no plan and no time limit are my favorite thing to do with my guys. We wandered around the neighborhood and fantasized about living in one of the luxurious beach houses that were for sale.


We had church later at night and I volunteered in the babies’ room. They are so fun and snuggly! It was the perfect end to a Sunday full of favorite things. I am grateful for good days like these and don’t take them for granted when they come along. 🙂

Share Your Comments:

Did you run or race this weekend? Tell me about your experience!

How do you combat negative thoughts during a race?

What are you most looking forward to about the week ahead?

Thanks for reading. I am headed to the post office before work this morning to ship off the first batch of tanks to Austin TX, Waco TX (x2!), Mississippi, Wilmington, Bear, Newark, and Elkton. So fun!

If you’d like to receive your tanks in the next batch, order by Wednesday evening!

Wishing you a happy Monday and a joy-filled week.



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