Weekend Recap: Bikes, Trails, and Island Time

Happy Monday! I hope that you had a great weekend and had lots of time to be active and enjoy the people you love.

After work on Friday, I rang in the weekend with a hike up to the top of Cowles Mountain –  the highest point in the city of San Diego. It’s 3 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of almost 1,000 feet — making it the perfect workout for when you need a good, heart-pumping challenge but are short on time. The views from the top of Cowles are the best – a panoramic view of San Diego, the mountains, the oceans…you must check it out if you ever visit the area!


I wore the “Take the Trail Less Traveled” tank from the SGMG shop – which is a little ironic because Cowles Mountain is a super popular tourist spot and is most definitely NOT the trail less traveled…but that’s ok. 😉 Buy the tank here!



Chad must have ESP, because when I came home from the hike this ice cold strawberry kombucha from Plant Power was waiting for me. It was exactly what I wanted after a good sweat! He’s the best. ❤

We took Chase down to the dog park and ended up meeting up with our friends J + J and their brand new rescue pup, Pongo. We love him! He is so sweet and calm and couldn’t ask for a better family to love him forever! We all went out for an impromptu double date at Pieology. Do they have these in your area? Are they only a California thing? I like to describe it as Chipotle for pizza. AKA make your own pizza. I love it because they have so many veggie options, including vegan cheese that actually melts and resembles the real thing! We had a great time sitting outside and catching up on life.

Image result for pieology

We woke up pretty early on Saturday morning to knock out some laundry and cleaning so that we could fully enjoy the rest of the day. It was drizzling and a little chilly (ok, it was like 60 degrees…but that’s COLD in CA!), but we still took a walk into town and Chad took me on a breakfast date.

Image result for te mana cafe

We tried Te Mana Cafe for the first time and LOVED it. It is an old craftsman-style home that the owners purchased twenty years ago and converted into a laid-back, Hawaiian themed restaurant…which was perfect for us, because ever since we booked our trip to Maui for the Fall, we are obsessed with all things Hawaii.

IMG_2274 (1).jpg



We walked around OB some more, checked out some new shops that just opened up, and grabbed another cup of coffee at Azucar. Nothing beats a lazy Saturday morning walk. 

After our date, I squeezed in a quick workout on the treadmill and headed to a coworker’s baby shower (so fun!) and Chad played volleyball in La Jolla. When I came home in the evening, there were TWO bikes in our house! Yay! Chad had been searching for the perfect bikes for us and scored two really good deals. We have been wanting bikes for a long time and I can’t wait for the many adventures we’ll have with them together. 

Just one little part to replace and his bike is as good as new now! 🙂

And Chad’s uncle Dan stopped by! He was in town for a Navy SEAL graduation and it was a nice surprise to see him. 🙂

We spent Sunday doing Sunday things — grocery shopping, meal prepping, church, and the beach. A highlight was making my key lime pie tart bites again – this time with a walnut crust to make it GF 🙂 

I also joined my family’s group and Marco Polo and it is so much fun! What a clever way to stay in touch. I had a lot of fun figuring that out  and catching up with them last night. 

Today is the official start of my marathon training cycle and I am so excited! And honestly, I do forget so much of my first marathon! Anytime I’ve run 10+ miles lately, I’ve thought to myself “there’s no way I ran a marathon before. Was that me? Was that really this body?” I’m looking forward to building up that strength again for marathon #2. 🙂 Have anything fun going on this week? 

Verse of the week: 




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