Road to Revel: Week 2

"Run the mile you are in." — David Willey, marathoner:

Happy Monday! Did you do anything fun this weekend? Tell me about your adventures and let me live vicariously through them – I was sick in bed for the majority of this weekend. Something had been going around both of our offices, and inevitably, it took me out. Not something you want in week 2 of marathon training when you’re determined to start out on the right foot! But, that’s just real life…so let’s catch up. 🙂

Monday35 minute recovery swim and stretch

I am loving that swimming is a part of weekly training now. If you’re a runner, and brand new to the pool (like me!) I think you’ll love this article about swimming for recovery.

Tuesday 3 mile treadmill run + 3 mile hike on Cowles Mountain + 15 min. strength

I had late meetings on Tuesday night, so I got to play a bit before heading into work later that morning. My friend Ashley joined me for the hike and it was so fun – even if we heard rattlesnakes! We’re in the middle of a heat wave, and that’s the time they’re most visible and active on the trails. Yikes!

Cowles Mountain Hike (Most Popular Hike / the Highest Peak in San Diego).:

Wednesday6 mile run at the beach (5 miles @ 9:05 pace, 1 mile cool down with my dog), 30 minute walk @ lunch

IMG_2463 (1).jpg

Thursday45 min. of elliptical and strength training

And then…that’s when it started to hit. I felt my throat getting scratchy at work and knew I was about to be down for the count. Nooooo!

Friday – called for a 6 mile run – MISSED

Sadly, I was super sick on Friday and had to muster up all of my energy to get through work. I had nothing in me for a run and felt like my body was telling me to rest. I went to bed at 7 p.m. How’s that for a wild Friday night?

So true. Even when I can't go as long or as far as I want.:
Yep. I was totally wallowing.

Saturday – called for a 3 mile run – MISSED

Watched Netflix and read books horizontally for about 16/24 hours. Womp, womp.

***Mugs are made to order and shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Please allow 2 weeks for production time and delivery.*** The best gifts are both personal and functional, and that’s why this novelty

Sunday  – 8 mile run – FINALLY!

I wasn’t feeling great, but a little bit better. I rallied for a morning date that Chad had planned for us, and tried to go for a run afterwards. It was a struggle, but I got it done! Happy to have those miles on my feet, even if they were hard-fought in between coughing fits. 🙂

Total Weekly Miles: 17…ouch.

But, that’s ok! Real life surprises us every now and then, and it’s inevitable that training won’t always go perfectly. Sometimes all we can do is be still and be patient through it. Now I’m just more determined to stay focused, disciplined, and healthy in the coming weeks.

I’m looking forward to getting healthy and having better success in Week 3. Have a wonderful week!

Distance Running: Loving Where You Are Today:

Have you hit any roadblocks in your training lately? Share in the comments!

Verse of the Week:

"You can make many plans, but, the Lord's purpose will prevail.":


Stay Great, my friends.



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