Giveaway with Mavi Bandz!

In both training and racing, my favorite accessory lately has been my Confetti headband from Mavi Bandz. I received my first just before the San Diego Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon – and not only did it match with my newly released SGMG tank, but the band did not even THINK about moving for the entire 13.1 miles! Y’all, in all of my years of running, I have never found a headband that doesn’t require re-positioning 100 times throughout the course of a run – until Mavi Bandz. Since falling in love with my particular band (I hardly run without it, now!), I’ve fallen in love with the Mavi Bandz brand and story.

Mavi Bandz was launched in 2013 as the solution to one of the unsolved problems of the world. There wasn’t a headband on the market that stayed in place all day, didn’t give you a headache, and could fit every size head.

What started as a piece of ribbon and a sewing machine in a basement has grown tenfold since the first design was pieced together in 2011. Since then, Mavi Bandz has spent count less hours perfecting this revolutionary headband and creating hundreds of styles for their broad range of customers. Their goal is to offer our adjust able, non-slip headbands to everyone…coast to coast.

And friends – their solution really works! I have a huge head (yep, totally wear men’s XL hats), and have the toughest time finding headbands that can wrap around my noggin. With the adjustable strap on the back, the band stayed in place and my big-head insecurities flew out the window.

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The team at Mavi Bandz and I put our heads together (ok, ok, maybe a little pun intended 🙂 ) and decided to do a giveaway just for you, SGMG readers! Because the Confetti band compliments the SGMG tank colors so nicely, Mavi Bandz and I are giving away a Confetti band AND a SGMG tank of your choosing (a $40 value)!

Image result for mavi bandz confetti

We’d love for you to enter the giveaway and brighten up your summer running with our fun, bright colors! To enter:

  1. follow both @mavibandz and @staygreatmygirl on Instagram 
  2. find and like the post on @staygreatmygirl and comment with just a few words about how running has impacted your life

That’s it! Easy, right? For bonus entries (but not required to win!), tag a running buddy in the comments. Every tag = 1 additional entry. 

Enter by Midnight PST on Thursday, 6/29.

Winner will be announced on Friday, 6/30!

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Thank you, Mavi Bandz, for partnering with me for this giveaway! To shop all of Mavi Bandz best selling styles, click here.

Thank you and good luck! 


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