Friday Five: Favorite Things

Happy Weekend, beautiful friends! For this round of Friday Five, I’m sharing five new things that I am loving lately. Enjoy!

1. Steve’s Ice Cream

Now, I am partial to Steve’s ice cream because most of the important men in my life have Stephen in their name — my dad, my pop pop, my brother, and my uncle. But Steve isn’t just a great name, but now, it’s my favorite ice cream brand too! 

I stumbled upon this cute little pint at the grocery store last week and once I saw that it was vegan, I had to give it a shot. Y’all. THIS FLAVOR! It’s delicious. It tastes just like creme brûlée and it has taken every bone in my body to hold me back to just a few tablespoons per night. 

And with so few ingredients, and so many allergy-free options — how could you not love Steve? I can’t wait to give the other flavors a try! 

2. Group Texts 

Living far from all of your friends is HARD. But thank you, Steve Jobs, for keeping me connected with my favorite people! I’ve been so thankful for my recurring group texts lately – The Group Text, Matcha Girls, Englinellis, and Abby, Taylor, and Casey (we need a clever name guys) — thank you for loving me, filling me in on your daily lives, and making me laugh everyday! 

3. This Thomas Rhett song. 

Best of the summer, am I right? I love adding this song to my speed work playlists lately. So fun and catchy! 

4. Thai Food 

I’ve been eating pad thai like it’s my job lately. And the other night, we went on a date to a new Thai place. So many veggie + meat options = happy couple. We loved it! And chad ate out of a pineapple! 

5. Matthew 

I started rereading the gospel of Matthew this week. Jesus direct, clear teachings have served as humbling reminders to me of areas of my life where I have been falling short — especially when it comes to judging others. I am loving these truths this week and am thankful for a God of grace and change. 

I hope that you have a great 4th of July weekend! 


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