Road to Revel: Week 3 

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! Did you see that Stay Great My Girl is having a holiday sale? 10% off all orders using the discount code HAPPYFOURTH. Shop the tanks here.

This third week of marathon training went much better than the second! I finally felt healthy again and was able to complete all workouts on the plan. 

Monday – 2 mile run on treadmill @ 8:00 pace, 45 minute walk, 10 minutes of weights 

Tuesday – 4 easy miles @ 9:30/mi, 20 minute walk @ lunch

Wednesday – 4 miles w/ 8 1/4 mile hill repeats + Body Pump

Thursday – REST – 30 minute hike with Chase 

Friday – 5k @ 9:02 pace on treadmill, 10 minutes of abs + band exercises 

Saturday – 4 easy easy miles @ 9:45 pace

Sunday – 9 miles @ 9:32 pace…second 4.5 with my sweet friend Ali for an extra push! 

Total Mileage: 26.1 running, 5 miles walking 

Hope you have a wonderful week! What goals are you working towards? 

Happy Trails,



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