Road to Revel: Week 5 and Random Things

I can’t believe I’ve been in marathon training for over a month! I’m sleepy and hungry all the time already and I know it is only just the beginning. Here we go! 

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 4 miles (3.1 @ 7:44) with the San Diego Track Club 

The workout was 5×1000 in the grass at my favorite park. It felt amazing! 

Wednesday: 5 miles, easy pace 

On the treadmill…I forget what my pace was but it was just an easy, comfortable run. πŸ™‚ 

Thursday: 3 mile walk, core + arms workout 

Chase loves my mornings “off” from running because it means he gets to go on an adventure! 

Friday: 3m run + hot yoga class

Running AND yoga means a very happy, very sweaty Friday. But I love it! 

Saturday: 5m run @ 9:15 pace 

Sunday: 12m run @ 9:49 pace + 2m in the afternoon @ 9:30 pace 

This run felt so good and so strong! I have the tiniest bit of calf pain but am just thinking its tight. Lots of rolling and stretching this week! 

Total Weekly Miles: 30 — woohoo! It feels great to be building again. Onward and upward. πŸ™‚ 

And a few random things from life lately… 

We enjoyed a date night at our favorite restaurant this week courtesy of a gift card from our sweet sister-in-love, Keirsten. Thank you so much for treating us!!!

I am obsessed with Kona coffee these days. I’ve recently tried this one from Sprouts. Do you have a favorite blend of coffee? 

We had a team retreat at work this week and had the BEST vegan Mexican ever ever ever. That sliced pineapple was divine. 

A kind friend let us take a few spins on his new jet ski! I had fun riding on the back and holding onto chad…but that man has the need for speed! This shot was taken when he went on a scary fast solo trip around the island and I begged to be left behind. πŸ™‚ 

My friend Katie won second overall female at a 5k on Saturday while rocking her Isaiah 40:31 tank! So awesome, girl! Shop the tank here. Only a few tanks are left and these will not be restocked in order to make room for new product. πŸ™‚ 

That’s all for now! Are you training for anything? Tell me about it! 

Verse of the Week: 




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