Friday Five: Foods You Didn’t Realize are VEGAN!

Happy Friday, friends!

I always think that Fridays call for celebration. And fun. And indulgent, guilty pleasure foods. Don’t you?

A common misconception about veganism is that we don’t get to eat any treats or anything “fun”. That’s simply not true! Vegans  get to indulge in desserts and special snacks just like you do …when well-earned and balanced with healthy choices, of course :).

Today, I want to share with you five treats that I bet you didn’t know were already vegan! (Note- I’m NOT saying that these are healthy or that you should regularly work these into your diet. 🙂 They are processed and not nutritious! You should strive for plant-based whole foods in the day to day. I’m simply saying that you could treat yo self to these things once in a while and that no animals would be harmed in the process.) 🙂

Consider switching up your next snack with one of these already-vegan options:

1. OREOS!!!

Yes, Oreos are vegan! I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

Image result for oreos

Want to indulge even further? Dunk your Oreos in Almond, Soy, or Coconut milk. I loved doing this as a kid! Or, make them Parent Trap Style and dip them in PB (which is also always vegan!).

Image result for peanut butter oreos parent trap

2. Taco Bell’s Bean Burrito, Crunch Wrap Supreme, and Cinnamon Twists

Image result for taco bell vegan crunch wrap supreme

Just keepin’ it real – I eat taco bell maybe once every other month. No shame.

But when I do, I get a bean burrito (with no cheese) or a crunchwrap supreme (sub beef for black beans and no cheese and no sour cream). It’s not perfect, but it’s vegan, fast, and cheap when you’re in a pinch.

And, the Cinnamon Twists are such a tasty treat, just a $1, and always vegan! Yum.

Image result for cinnamon twist taco bell

3. Thomas Bagels

Image result for thomas bagels

No eggs in these! Just add tofutti cream “cheese”. 🙂

4. Panera Bread’s Black Bean Soup in a Sourdough Bowl

Image result for panera's black bean soup bread bowl

Worried about not having anywhere to eat out that will please both you and your omnivorous friends? There are always endless options at Panera! This is one of my favorites.

5. Chick-Fil-A Fries & BBQ Sauce

Image result for chick fil a fries

Related image

No explanation needed. 🙂 Who doesn’t love Chick-Fil-A? Even vegans can!

Remember to treat yourself every now and then…it’s all about balance.

Do you have any favorite already-vegan foods that aren’t listed? There are so many out there. Please share!

Image result for vegan memes

Image result for balance meme


Have a great weekend!



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