Fit Foodie Festival + 5k and DISCOUNT CODE

Calling all runners who LOVE to eat!

Oh, wait, that’s every runner ever. 馃檪

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you that you can’t miss聽The Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Festival & 5K?


Good news! I’m here to make sure that you don’t – I have a discount code just for you, SGMG blog readers!


I can’t imagine a sweeter Saturday than one filled with food, friends, drinks, and running in sunny, forever beautiful San Diego – can you?

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Join my hubby, running crew and I October 7th at Liberty Station – we’d love to run with you! Register today and use discount code STAYGREATMYGIRLFF for $10 off, bringing you ALL of this goodness for only $25!

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路 Race registration and bib
路 Bites at each mile
路 Finisher’s medal
路 Access to the John Hancock Vitality Village Food and Fitness Festival
路 Delicious tasting stations
路 Finish line celebration drinks
路 Goody bag with gifts from top health and wellness brands (including some of my personal favorites, like Chosen Foods, Califia Farms, Naked and Ms. Thinster’s)
路 Meet-and-greets with John Hancock Elite Athlete Ambassadors (can’t wait to meet Abdi!)聽
路 Cash reward for top finishers
路 Happy Hour Bib Pick Up
路 Donation to No Kid Hungry

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It’s gonna be one fun and yummy morning.

Hope to see you at the #MostDeliciousRun!


Training Check-In

Happy Monday, friends. 

I can’t believe my second marathon is just 10 weeks away! Personal life has been a whirlwind over the past few weeks (hence my slacking on the blog), and finding time to squeeze in scheduled runs has been a challenge. But, I’ve made it work! It’s meant lots of miles logged in the dark on a treadmill and lots of early mornings. As much of a grind as it can be sometimes, I really love it. It feels so good to be pushing myself and to know that I am inching my way closer to that marathon finish line, mile by mile. I am so grateful for a time in my life when I can focus on big training  – I know it won’t always be like this! 

If you’re a runner you totally get it, right? Training for a full marathon drains you entirely and fills you up to the brim, both at once. It’s a beautiful paradox.

This past week looked a little like this: 

Monday: REST + a bit of strength training…just a bit.

Tuesday: 5 miles (3 were hill repeats with the track club) + 8x100m strides

Wednesday: 6 miles easy 

Thursday: 5 miles easy 

Friday: 5 miles tempo (2.5 at goal race pace) 

Saturday: total rest – we were in Mexico working with the orphanage that the next round of SGMG products will be benefiting! 

I can’t wait to share more about the orphanage with you later this week. Stay tuned! 

Sunday: 14.21 miles. 15 just wasn’t happening 馃檪 

Total Miles: 35.21 馃檪 …39 coming up this week! 

Other fun moments from the week: 

I got to catch up with my friend Kim and her sweet little girl who is becoming quite the explorer! She put on her running shoes and we ran in the grass so basically we are BFFs for life now. 

And I also got to hang out with another friend, Bonnie, and snuggle her sweet baby girl on her one month birthday. All of my friends have the cutest kids! Another good friend of mine had another baby girl this week. 馃檪 so many babies to hold!!!

A waiter in Mexico gave us a free box of deep-fried tortilla chips because we pigged out on them at the table so much. Yes and please. 

Oh, and coffee with good friends over the water in Rosarito. Always a fun moment in my book. 馃檪 

Cheers to a new week! Make it count.

Happy Trails, 



Motherhood & Marathons: Heart-to-Heart with Deborah Fisher

Hi Deborah, Welcome to Stay Great My Girl! It has been so fun to cheer you along in the Instagram world. Your posts are always so positive and make me want to get out for a run! Tell our readers who you are. 馃檪
Thank you, Charlotte! I’m honored by the opportunity to share a little bit about myself and by all your gracious words!
I’m a 28 year old wife and mom of three living in Austin, Texas 馃檪 My husband is a high school History teacher and Head Soccer Coach, and we’ve been married almost 7 years. My littles are Charlie (5 1/2), Isabel (1 1/2), and Luke (9 months). We had our boys biologically and adopted our daughter as a newborn from the Texas foster care system. I stay at home with them most days! I also have a Bachelors and Masters in Nutrition and have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for the last two years! Nutrition is my passion!! I currently work part-time as a private practice dietitian and love it. More personally, I love cooking, getting down on some Netflix, going to breweries, being with my crazy big family, and trying every local restaurant I possibly can!
My faith in Jesus Christ is essential to my life and our family’s life. I’ve been saved by Grace since I was a small child, and my husband and I serve faithfully at my dad’s church in Austin—that’s actually where we met! 馃檪
2. How long have you been running? How did you get started?
I didn’t start *actually* running until after my first kid was born. I had tried a lot in high school and college to “be a runner”, and I was just terrible at it. It hurt or just didn’t feel good, I couldn’t figure out how to stay consistent, and I really just didn’t enjoy it. Something changed after our son was born though. He was around 5 months old and I was really overwhelmed with being a first time mom. I remember my husband coming home and me saying “I can’t be here anymore…I need to go run.” And I just went. I remember I ran 1.82 miles that day and came back feeling like a completely different person. I’ve been running ever since, even all the way through my most recent pregnancy! Something just clicked after becoming a mother and my soul craved running in a way I didn’t think was possible 馃檪
3. You’ve accomplished both half and full marathons. Do you have a favorite distance?

I think I like the half more! It’s fun and challenging, but I don’t feel awful afterwards! The annual Austin Marathon and Half Marathon has my heart, its such a great race and I run it as often as I can. That being said, I’m currently obsessed with the full and have some pretty big goals for this year and next!
4. Where was your first marathon? What was your experience like?
My first marathon was in the Rockies in Colorado! (Run Revel Rockies) It was actually just a few months ago in June!! My experience was crazy, but amazing. I started training two months after I had my youngest son, and it was challenging to say the least. I breastfed and was getting up through the night with him. Long runs were tricky to coordinate and time just right. A lot of scheduled runs honestly didn’t happen聽馃槙聽That being said, I trained as best as I could and gave the actual race my all! The race was IN the Rockies, the scenery was just stunning the entire time! I hit “the Wall” pretty badly between miles 14-20, but loved everything outside of that hour, haha! I finished with聽a聽4:30聽and was very proud of my 7 months postpartum self!
5. You’re training for RNR San Antonio 26.2 – woohoo! What made you choose that race for your second full?

I picked RNR San Antonio because it has a pretty good reputation in the central Texas area as being a great race. Very lively, joyful, well organized, and most importantly, FLAT! I chose this one over the Austin Full due mostly to course (Austin’s is very hilly). I’m shooting for a sub-4:00 hour marathon this time around, so a flat, fun race called my name for sure!unnamed (2)

6. How is training for San Antonio coming along?聽

It’s great, and SO different than the first time around. I bought a 20-week Hanson Marathon Method plan as opposed to just compiling my own from Pinterest and Runner’s World (which is what I did for my first). I picked a higher mileage plan (30-40 miles/week) with a good amount of speedwork to try hitting my time goal in December. It’s very challenging! But my body is in a better place and able to handle it so far!! I’m working incredibly hard on recovery and self-care this time around as well. So a lot of rolling, stretching, yoga flows, and epsom salt baths lately!
7. You are a wife, mom of three, and a dietitian. I’m amazed that you even find the time for running! What does a typical day look like for you? Do you ever sleep? 馃檪
I really don’t like sleeping, haha! I went through undergrad and grad school with at least one small child, three at one point. Sleep has never been a friend of mine 馃檪 A typical non-work day is up聽around聽7:30-8:00聽with one of the littler kids, and then it’s just non-stop from there. Most of my days at home are spent meal prepping, doing laundry, cleaning, snuggling, etc. My oldest is also learning to read and write and all that, so we spend time each day practicing his “school”. Also, whenever my husband’s soccer team is in season, we travel to each of their games too! Days I work–they’re just up in the air and crazy busy, haha! It takes a good while to get the kids to sleep at night, so by the time everyone is asleep, I’m normally craving alone time. I stay up pretty late, even when I have early morning runs. I just love being up by myself at night for some reason! A lot of times it’s my only alone time with my husband too!聽Midnight聽(or later) is a typical bedtime 馃檪
As for my running schedule, I run whenever I can. I wish I could have a set time every day, but it just doesn’t work like that for our family. My husband’s schedule changes a lot based on if he’s in school or not, in season or not, etc. Sometimes I run聽at聽5:30聽in the morning, sometimes I run聽at聽8:00聽at night. It just depends! This can be pretty rough, but any run is better than no run. So I just try to be grateful for whenever I get the opportunity to run!
8. If you could tell other mother-runners out there one thing, what would it be?
Oh man…I think I would say that if running is something that is important to you as a person, then it’s worth it. It’s worth sacrificing sleep, juggling schedules, and leaving your kids for small periods of the day. It should not be something that produces guilt or regret. You’re not selfish or a bad mom for needing to get out there or going for a personal goal. If anything, it makes you a BETTER mom when you do go out there. One hour of “selfish time” running honestly makes me a more loving and patient mom the other 23 hours in a day. It really is worth it if it’s important to you.
9. How does your faith intersect with your running?
God and I have a lot of talks on runs 馃檪 I often work things out with him when I’m running, whether it’s sadness, confusion, disappointment, joy, or even anger. I have cried, yelled, and desperately prayed for help on runs. I’ve also just blessed Him and praised Him for all He’s done in our life or in our church. Running is literally the only thing I do when I’m by myself. It’s the only time God gets me without anything or anyone else. A lot happens between us in those moments.
Image result for run the race with endurance
10. Just for fun – what are three non-running-related things that you’re loving right now?
Let’s see, let’s see…firstly, I’ve been really into Eating Disorder trainings and am currently in the middle of a 9 hour training series on being an effective eating disorder dietitian. So that’s been exciting and challenging for me to dive into! Secondly, I’m working on getting better and more efficient in the kitchen. I’m trying lots of recipes for “big batch meal prepping” for everything聽from breakfast聽to dinners to snacks and running-fuel. I’m working on cutting out time and cost for all these too! Lastly, I’m getting a DIY-itch with respect to house makeovers. We just redid one of our living room and kitchen floors, and I’ve got my eye on numerous other “home upgrade” projects to keep myself even busier this upcoming year. I’m not super good at them, but I love trying! 馃檪
Thank you, Deborah! Loved getting to know your sweet heart a bit better!

Follow Deborah’s running journey:聽@torrey_fisher_rdn

For more Heart-to-Hearts, click here.
Got someone you’d like for me to interview? Email me:

Happy Trails,

36 Miles + a whole lot of food

Hi! How was your weekend?

The weekend kicked off at 5 p.m. on Friday with a “happy hour” 4-mile run at Mission Bay. It was a beautiful, chilly night = perfect running weather.

When Chad got home, we went down the street to play basketball (I lost, but I did make a couple 3-pointers). 馃檪 We also watched the documentary, Icarus, on Netflix, about the Russian doping scandal. Have you seen it? It’s CRAZY.

Image result

On Saturday morning I ran a realllly easy 6 miles, followed by a glass of strawberry Nuun. This glass really makes me smile because my Pop-Pop gave it to me about 10 years ago, along with an iced coffee maker that he bought me when I first got into coffee. 馃檪 He’s sweet, huh? Did you know that the name Stay Great My Girl is all about him? Read about it in my ‘About’ section

Chad and I spent the afternoon having a picnic and walking around a new park we had never explored before. We took a nap on the grass and played with a golden retriever named Queso who stole my shoe. 馃檪 It was sweet and we had an amazing view of our city.

Image result for kate sessions park

Our picnic date was followed by more food, obviously. 馃檪 I got georgia peach sorbet with mango, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and crushed graham cracker. Chad got a little bit of everything!

Then we popped in to say hello to our local running store. Movin’ Shoes is fantastic and they do a lot of wonderful free things for the local running community! Their trail runs and weekly meet-ups are my favorite and have introduced me to some of my best running buddies. Fun fact, Meb is a part owner. Yes. That聽Meb!

On Saturday night we “hung out” via skype with some of our best friends, Matt and Gwen. I always love catching up with them and then get really sad when it’s over and we have to shut our computer screen. We miss them.

On Sunday, I didn’t have any firm plans other than to get my long run done…so I was able to sleep in (til 6:30). It felt luxurious! On long run days I always feel like I am leaving the house with a million things – including bottles. Above is my nuun tube, Orgain plant-based protein shake (for after), Nathan water bottle (for after), and Simple Hydration bottle (for during).

PS: Simple Hydration is NOT paying me to say this, I’m just being honest…but guys, I LOVE their bottle. If you haven’t found a hydration solution that works for you yet, try SH. It’s the only thing I’ve found that works for me. They sent me a bottle a few weeks ago and it has been an essential tool on any mid/long run ever since. No more having to plan my routes around water stops or run in circles to stop at my car to grab water! Check them out. 馃檪

On the run, I went a little farther south than I had originally planned…

But I got it done! 15 miles – my longest in over two years. It feels so good to be building back up…something about the distance past 13.1 feels like rediscovering a part of myself I forgot existed. I can’t wait for the first 20-miler of this cycle! But I will…because I don’t want to get injured.

I stopped for groceries on the way home from the run and couldn’t resist this treat. 15 miles earns a giant protein cookie, right? Also – sparkling water because I was feeling fancy (and parched).

I baked some brownies for Chad and I…he is not totally vegan yet but is willing to try anything I make. So I made a boxed gluten free + vegan brownie mix. Sometimes, I make vegan recipes from scratch. And sometimes I’m sleepy and just want to take a shortcut. All I needed to add to this was a dash of oil and water! Easy.

And they were delicious!

Later, we had the brownies ON TOP OF ICE CREAM. I’ve been loving Steve’s lately (ate it all before I could take a pretty picture, so here’s a Google Image.)

Image result for steve's chocolate salted caramel

Some more shots from the run… a recovery soak in the bay. Please don’t look too closely at my runner’s toes. Ouch.

This was my view at the turnaround point…beautiful, right?! Thank you to Amber (@amber26.2) for encouraging me to give this new route a shot!

And now for a quick training recap…

But wait, before we get into the miles…I have to tell you about my first Taco Tuesday. I can’t believe this was my first San Diego Taco Tuesday (we just usually do them at home) but I joined my running buddies Ali and Myleah at City Tacos and HOLY COW these were some goooooooood eats. If you’re coming to San Diego, be sure to put City Tacos on your list. It’s a cool place.

Cauliflower tacos with jicama and cilantro and a zillion other delicious vegan magical plant tasty things. YUM.

Okay, enough food pics. 馃檪 I don’t have much to recap for training this week other than I ran 36 miles and did strength train 3x (yay! let’s keep that up!) and I am starting to have a bit of lower calf pain. Trying to roll and ice and stretch as much as possible. We have a 5k coming up this weekend and I am excited to try out some speed at that distance! Should be interesting, as the 5k has never been my strength. 馃檪

How is your training going?

What races do you have coming up?聽

Did you celebrate Taco Tuesday?聽

Verse of the Week – Let’s remember this in our jobs, fitness, and family life!

Image result for colossians 3:23

Happy Trails,



Weekend Snapshots + Road to Revel Week 8

Happy Monday!

I love the start of a fresh, shiny new week. Even though it came so fast. Don't you? Let's make it a good one.

How was your weekend? Mine started off in the best way possible, with a run, of course, — and I took some dinner over to my friend Bonnie who just had her sweet baby girl two weeks ago. It was so nice to see them! I didn't snap a picture with her little girl, so here's a picture of me and my little brother in 2012 instead because he is going to be FIVE this week! 5! I can't believe it.

Then chad and I had a date night — a vegan dinner out (BBQ seitan burger for me and a "steak" sandwich for chad) and we went to see Dunkirk. It was good, but you can guess who picked out the movie 馃檪 Despite it being kind of hard to follow, I loved time with my man. And I get points for seeing a war movie, right?

On Saturday I ran 6 easy miles (and I mean eaaaasy…9:50 pace) around our beach town. It was so beautiful and breezy out and I wanted to run fast — it was tough to take it easy, but I knew I had more mileage for Sunday and forced myself to save it. I'm glad I did! Take the easy runs easy, take the hard runs hard.

We spent the rest of Saturday shopping at Costco, cleaning the house, and getting set for the week ahead. Real life stuff. Nothing glamorous. Just keeping it real. 馃檪

But later that night, we did go out for some Caribbean/Cuban food (our favorite). I got the vegan island dish — eggplant, mushroom, lettuce, tomato, beans, rice, and corn. Yum!

On Sunday morning, I woke up at 4:30 a.m…never fun on a Sunday, but, #marathontraining. I ran 13 miles (and had to add the .1 to feel good about it), and my dear friend Ali joined me for the last 4. She made those miles fly by when they would have otherwise been a struggle! I'm so grateful that she could chat and distract me. 馃檪

Speaking of Ali, did you see the beautiful design that she made for SGMG? Checkout Ali Palmer Creative if you need a logo! She's the best.

After running and grabbing some groceries, I met chad down at the beach to catch some volleyball. I love watching him play! And I'm glad that I've made a great friend out of one of his teammates — love you Myleah! Joining this volleyball league has been a win win for both chad and I. 馃檪

I prepped this casserole to bake after work tomorrow. All I did was swap in Daiya cheese for the cow's cheese – and bam! It's vegan and easy.

I also made these TLTs for our lunches this week. And added avocado for some extra fat and flavor.

We had dinner with our church friends later that evening to wrap up another sweet weekend. I'm really grateful for this season we're in, spent by the sea.

And for Road to Revel training! I don't have much to recap, other than that my legs are tired today and I ran 35 miles this week. And we only keep building from here! 馃檪 I'm excited to get stronger.

This week, my goals are to track my food 100% every day (counting macros to make sure I'm eating enough of the right stuff) and to strength train 3 days this week.

What are your goals for the week ahead?

Are you training for anything right now?

Verse of the Week: