Weekend Snapshots + Road to Revel Week 8

Happy Monday!

I love the start of a fresh, shiny new week. Even though it came so fast. Don't you? Let's make it a good one.

How was your weekend? Mine started off in the best way possible, with a run, of course, — and I took some dinner over to my friend Bonnie who just had her sweet baby girl two weeks ago. It was so nice to see them! I didn't snap a picture with her little girl, so here's a picture of me and my little brother in 2012 instead because he is going to be FIVE this week! 5! I can't believe it.

Then chad and I had a date night — a vegan dinner out (BBQ seitan burger for me and a "steak" sandwich for chad) and we went to see Dunkirk. It was good, but you can guess who picked out the movie 🙂 Despite it being kind of hard to follow, I loved time with my man. And I get points for seeing a war movie, right?

On Saturday I ran 6 easy miles (and I mean eaaaasy…9:50 pace) around our beach town. It was so beautiful and breezy out and I wanted to run fast — it was tough to take it easy, but I knew I had more mileage for Sunday and forced myself to save it. I'm glad I did! Take the easy runs easy, take the hard runs hard.

We spent the rest of Saturday shopping at Costco, cleaning the house, and getting set for the week ahead. Real life stuff. Nothing glamorous. Just keeping it real. 🙂

But later that night, we did go out for some Caribbean/Cuban food (our favorite). I got the vegan island dish — eggplant, mushroom, lettuce, tomato, beans, rice, and corn. Yum!

On Sunday morning, I woke up at 4:30 a.m…never fun on a Sunday, but, #marathontraining. I ran 13 miles (and had to add the .1 to feel good about it), and my dear friend Ali joined me for the last 4. She made those miles fly by when they would have otherwise been a struggle! I'm so grateful that she could chat and distract me. 🙂

Speaking of Ali, did you see the beautiful design that she made for SGMG? Checkout Ali Palmer Creative if you need a logo! She's the best.

After running and grabbing some groceries, I met chad down at the beach to catch some volleyball. I love watching him play! And I'm glad that I've made a great friend out of one of his teammates — love you Myleah! Joining this volleyball league has been a win win for both chad and I. 🙂

I prepped this casserole to bake after work tomorrow. All I did was swap in Daiya cheese for the cow's cheese – and bam! It's vegan and easy.

I also made these TLTs for our lunches this week. And added avocado for some extra fat and flavor.

We had dinner with our church friends later that evening to wrap up another sweet weekend. I'm really grateful for this season we're in, spent by the sea.

And for Road to Revel training! I don't have much to recap, other than that my legs are tired today and I ran 35 miles this week. And we only keep building from here! 🙂 I'm excited to get stronger.

This week, my goals are to track my food 100% every day (counting macros to make sure I'm eating enough of the right stuff) and to strength train 3 days this week.

What are your goals for the week ahead?

Are you training for anything right now?

Verse of the Week:


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