Training Check-In

Happy Monday, friends. 

I can’t believe my second marathon is just 10 weeks away! Personal life has been a whirlwind over the past few weeks (hence my slacking on the blog), and finding time to squeeze in scheduled runs has been a challenge. But, I’ve made it work! It’s meant lots of miles logged in the dark on a treadmill and lots of early mornings. As much of a grind as it can be sometimes, I really love it. It feels so good to be pushing myself and to know that I am inching my way closer to that marathon finish line, mile by mile. I am so grateful for a time in my life when I can focus on big training  – I know it won’t always be like this! 

If you’re a runner you totally get it, right? Training for a full marathon drains you entirely and fills you up to the brim, both at once. It’s a beautiful paradox.

This past week looked a little like this: 

Monday: REST + a bit of strength training…just a bit.

Tuesday: 5 miles (3 were hill repeats with the track club) + 8x100m strides

Wednesday: 6 miles easy 

Thursday: 5 miles easy 

Friday: 5 miles tempo (2.5 at goal race pace) 

Saturday: total rest – we were in Mexico working with the orphanage that the next round of SGMG products will be benefiting! 

I can’t wait to share more about the orphanage with you later this week. Stay tuned! 

Sunday: 14.21 miles. 15 just wasn’t happening 🙂 

Total Miles: 35.21 🙂 …39 coming up this week! 

Other fun moments from the week: 

I got to catch up with my friend Kim and her sweet little girl who is becoming quite the explorer! She put on her running shoes and we ran in the grass so basically we are BFFs for life now. 

And I also got to hang out with another friend, Bonnie, and snuggle her sweet baby girl on her one month birthday. All of my friends have the cutest kids! Another good friend of mine had another baby girl this week. 🙂 so many babies to hold!!!

A waiter in Mexico gave us a free box of deep-fried tortilla chips because we pigged out on them at the table so much. Yes and please. 

Oh, and coffee with good friends over the water in Rosarito. Always a fun moment in my book. 🙂 

Cheers to a new week! Make it count.

Happy Trails, 




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