After Vegas: 5 Simple Ways to Help

I bet that you, too, woke up on Monday morning scratching your head and thinking, “how could this happen?“…”why?“…and “what is happening to this world?”.

A few moments later, I’m sure you also wondered…”what can I do to help?

In a tragedy as bewildering and overwhelming and massive as this, it is easy to feel helpless. Like there is nothing that we could do to make it better.

But, there is. There is so much we can do, friends.

Over the past few days, friends, coworkers and I have all expressed that we want to do something, anything…but had no idea where to start. After some prayer, digging around the internet, and listening to what’s needed…I decided that I refuse to stay stuck in heartbreak and fear and instead, I want to act. I want to have relentless hope in spite of a broken world. I wanted to share some ways that I’m challenging myself to show love to those affected by the shooting in Vegas…and even just to my neighbors.

Because this week the world feels heavy and dark…so let’s not dim the light that each of us has to offer to one another.


No matter if you were at the show or if you’re 3,000 miles away from Vegas – each of us has a role to play; a light to shine. We are called to take care of one another.

How will you help?

1. Give.

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Be a part of answering immediate needs by donating to Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund, or Hope For Vegas.

2. Call your Representatives.

There is currently a bill in congress (SHARE Act) that if passed would make it easier to buy gun silencers. Hearing initial gunshots gives potential victims more time to find shelter and safety. Find your representative’s number here and talk to them about safer gun legislation.

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3. Buy coffee for a stranger, friend, or co-worker.

I know – this one seems weird! But I just think that the world needs it. We need little pick-me-ups from each other this week. Buy a coffee, or a lunch, or a pack of gum or literally anything for a stranger today. If they ask why, let them know that you’re just trying to make the world a little bit brighter; that we’re sticking together; that you just want them to know that there is more love in the world than hate. There is more good than evil.

Image result for coffee and friends meme

4. Give Blood.

Now, I’ve heard some mixed messages over the past few days about whether or not they still need blood in Vegas (though perhaps my favorite nurse/superwoman/sister-in-love in Vegas can clarify this). Regardless – let’s give blood anyway! If it can be sent to victims in Vegas, great, but if not – aren’t there so many other people right in our own hometowns that need life-saving blood and platelets? The tragedy in Vegas can serve as a good reminder that there are constantly people in need of our help. Even if our blood won’t go directly to Vegas victims, we can give blood as a way to honor them.

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I scheduled my appointment for this weekend, and while I’m not great with needles…I know my teeny little fear is insignificant and it will be so worth it! Schedule an appointment in your neck of the woods here. It’s quick and easy!

5. Pray.

For the fallen, for the injured, for the witnesses. Pray for peace and comfort for the families of the victims…and for the family of the shooter. Pray for the first responders, for the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and volunteers who are working around the clock to provide love and care and healing. Pray for the volunteers who have traveled across the country to provide grief and trauma counseling. Pray for the residents of Las Vegas who are haunted by tragedy right in their backyard. Pray for our country, that instead of division we would have unity and compassion for one another. Pray for all of us – that we would not be so discouraged that we do not act, that we would not be so fearful that we do not love. Pray that this tragedy moves you (and me!) to love bigger than ever and to be so darn glad that we are here. Like this breathtaking note I found at the gym last night:



Do you know of other ways to help Vegas victims? Please, tell me! I’d love to know whatever we can do. Please feel free to leave a note in the comments. ❤


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