Weekends are for Family Hikes 

Happy Monday! Did you have a fun weekend?

 I LOVED seeing festive photos of so many friends on the east coast making pies, posing their babies by pumpkins, and enjoying hot apple cider donuts…so much fall fun! But not for us — we’re in another heat wave here in San Diego (it’s going to be ONE HUNDRED DEGREES on Wednesday!) and I am still hoping to be able to pull my flannel shirt out of storage sometime before Christmas. But until then, we’re soaking up every last bit of this Indian summer! 

My weekend started with a super nice surprise…I came home on Friday to a package. I didn’t think I ordered anything…and I hadn’t. My amazing little brother sent me a shirt to represent his crew team! 

For those of you who don’t know me in real life 😉 , my brother is a D1 athlete and the captain of his crew team! I am SO proud of him and admire how hard he works. He has been gifted with incredible athletic abilities and has always done well at whatever he’s pursued, even since elementary school. He’s an awesome runner, too…I’ve just been trying to keep up with him all these years! I’m really excited to wear this tank and support his racing from afar. Thank you Ty! 

On Friday evening, we headed down to the harbor to join some friends from my gym job for a Mexican food picnic. It was fun to be with them all (and their spouses) outside of the gym and not in our uniforms…but we still ended up talking about work! Isn’t that the way it always goes with work friends? 

Saturday morning started with…you guessed it…a run! Has this blog become predictable yet?! 🙂 I met my friend Ali for 5 miles around the bay. We just caught up on life and the miles passed by really quickly. 
Later, we had some friends and their baby over for dinner. We thought it might be fun to do a build-your-own grilled cheese night — with tomato soup and salad of course — and it was the best decision we made all week! So. Yummy. It was fun to offer up some different gourmet cheeses and put crazy things on our sandwiches (I love the apple, strawberry jam, and avocado combo) and it also kept the prep work really stress free and easy. I used to think that hosting meant everything had to be perfect, and put a lot of pressure on myself to make a perfect meal (and then inevitably get mad at myself for burning something or messing up a recipe)…but I’m so glad that now I know that the hearts around the table are much more important than the presentation of what’s on our plates. 🙂 And its more fun that way! 

I did make some vegan chocolate mousse for dessert from the Lazy Vegan Baker. Get the recipe here

(Trader Joe’s Hack: their chocolate chips actually don’t have any milk in them — they are dairy + egg free and 1/3 of the price of the “enjoy life” brand that’s typically sold at health and natural stores). 

Sunday morning was another run…this time solo, and this time 10 miles. I was happy with the pace and am enjoying having my legs feeling extra fresh these days. Thanks, taper! 

It’s really tough for me to run “long” in anything better than a 9:20 pace…I have stayed comfortably in the 9s for years but am learning now that I haven’t been pushing myself or challenging my limits. Looking forward to learning to develop some speed over longer distances after this marathon! Do you incorporate speed work in your training? 

Sunday morning run by the ocean = Sabbath perfection. It did my heart some serious good! 

Chad and I ran a few errands together in the afternoon and explored some neighborhoods in SD that we don’t often visit. I loved treating myself to some cold brew from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters! 

And Chad found us the perfect bike pump that we’d been looking for! And got a great deal. 🙂 More adventures on wheels to be had! 

We stopped by my favorite running store, Milestone, in North Park. I went in for salt tabs and came out with Goodr sunglasses. It’s just like shopping at Target, but worse! Or better? 🙂 

I’ve been reading the hype about these for a while and am so glad I took the leap! Will share a review with you once I go on my first run in them. 🙂 

Then we went for a mini hike on a trail we had never explored before. Family time = best time. 

And kept the summer fun going afterwards with some treats from Viva Pops in Normal Heights.

I had no idea this place existed, but I think I have a new favorite dessert place! We got Blood Orange and Grapefruit popsicles. Summer forever! 

The rest of Sunday was spent doing a little bit of work, chores, and church. We have had a bit of rough last few weeks/dealing with some health issues and this weekend, it felt like the fog + funk had finally lifted. 🙂

This week I’m looking forward to: 

– the Eagles playing MNF 

– my work BFF coming back from maternity leave 

— sample for a new SGMG item arriving (!!!!!)

– going to a college volleyball game

— less miles and more group exercise classes

What about you?! Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

I want to hear from you! Comment: 

— Did you go on any outdoor adventures this weekend? 
– Do you put any “weird” ingredients in your grilled cheese? 
— Does it feel more like summer or fall where you live right now? 


2 thoughts on “Weekends are for Family Hikes 

  1. My sister just gifted me my first pair of goodr sunglasses! She is obsessed and no one in DE seems to have ever heard of them. Looking forward to seeing how you like them 🙂


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