Friday Five: What’s Encouraged Me This Week

Happy Friday – we made it, y’all!

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What do you have going on today? 8 hours in the office? Working a short day? Heading out of town?

I have been a little down in my training, and, well, life in general this week. I’ve got some sort of weird pain going on below my knee that hurts to even walk on – so I’ve been praying for healing and God’s strength to get me through the marathon! I’m currently in the middle of taking 3 days of rest from any sort of cardio (I promised Casey!), and will be attempting my last “long”-ish run before the marathon on Saturday.  In addition, I came down with a nasty cold this week and just am not feeling my best – physically or mentally. It’s hard to stay positive and feel confident heading into the marathon – but I am resolved to not let my circumstances shake me! Many friends have been reminding me that I have already done enough training, that my body is ready, and that nothing done during these last two weeks would help me be any more fit anyway. I hope they’re right! Due to the setbacks and pains I’ve had for the last 4 weeks, I’m thinking of adjusting my goals for the race…but maybe that’s a blog post for next week. 🙂 Regardless, I am just grateful to be able to get away in the mountains for the marathon and to enjoy the time with God, thanking Him for giving me a body that moves and a passion for this sport that has so enriched my life.

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And even in the midst of this setback…life is GOOD! There have been so many wonderful things that encouraged me this week, and I wanted to share them with you today. The good always outweighs the bad, right? I know they’ll brighten your day and help you run into the weekend smiling!

Friday Five: What’s Encouraged Me This Week


1. Carson Wentz and the Dutch Destroyer


I’ve spent 5 minutes trying to summarize what this video is but I can’t even do it. It’s just beautiful, and you should watch it. I love my quarterback and his heart for others and I love, love, love resilient, brave, fearless kiddos! This family is awesome. Fun fact: this little boy grew up in my hometown and there are some shots of a park where I used to run cross country! You could only imagine my excitement seeing this humble little place on ESPN. #CANBYPARKFOREVER. But really, this video has such a positive message and left me and my husband in tears!

2. The Home Stretch (Meb’s Retirement)

Meb’s documentary airs next week on Runner’s World and I can’t wait to watch it! Meb is most well-known for winning the 2014 Boston Marathon and taking back the American title, one year after the bombing. He gave everyone hope after tragedy. He’s everyone’s favorite runner, considered America’s greatest marathoner…and he lives just one neighborhood over from us, so I feel especially proud to call him our local hero. 🙂 He is also just the nicest, most humble athlete ever! Watch the trailer from Runner’s World.

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3. Marathon-Winning Mom of Four Busts the “No Time” Myth

Sarah Bishop

The title says it all – this woman is unstoppable and proof that you can be a dedicated wife, mom, career-woman AND runner! Read the article here.

4. This verse:

“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love forever and ever. For what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope in your name, for your name is good.” – Psalm 52: 8-9

5. The Nothing is Wasted Podcast

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You may remember hearing about pastor Davey Blackburn a few years ago…he lost his pregnant wife Amanda and their unborn baby in a brutal act of gang violence.

His podcast…man. There just aren’t words. But I think you should listen and I know you’ll be encouraged, too.

In the comments: What’s been encouraging you lately? Any good news or stories you’ve seen this week?

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Five: What’s Encouraged Me This Week

  1. Oh my goodness. That Carson Wentz video. I had no idea about that beautiful story. Thank you for sharing…puts it all into perspective very quickly.


  2. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful stories! I cried during the Eagles video, was inspired by MEB and can’t wait to watch the series (that I had no clue about), and was humbled by the marine core marathon runner showing us that we can prioritize anything into our lives if it’s important enough to us. Also going to check out the podcast 🙂 I have been encouraged by music this week and have been listening to Apple’s A-list Christian playlist to and from work and on runs. Trying to fill myself up as much as I can in my alone time before tackling on the challenges of the world. Praying for you this week in your recovery!


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