Sentence Per Picture: Life Lately

Hello, hello friends! It looks like I haven’t blogged on here since Thanksgiving, which wasn’t planned, but it definitely ended up being a good thing! I was in need of a little digital detox and with the holiday season in full swing, life has been a little busy lately.

Way back before I had a blog, I loved reading one of the OG running bloggers, Hungry Runner Girl. She does this type of post now and then, and I enjoy it! So let’s catch up, “sentence-per-picture” style!

Chad and I went to Maui, Hawaii for a fun, adventure-filled 11 days after Thanksgiving!

It was filled with SO much quality time and as cheesy as it sounds, I fell in love with my husband all over again.

And this photo, taken on top of a volcano, was pretty much my face for the entire trip: a little adrenaline-rushed and a whole lot excited.

Maui is a little bit of Heaven on earth and I’m just thankful that we got to enjoy it.

When can we go back?!

Then we came back to real life: jobs and schedules and grocery shopping.

But we live in the coolest place (and not to mention it’s Christmastime!), so we weren’t too sad about it.

I was adopted into a friends’ Christmas party and “Favorite Things” gift-exchange with some incredible women who were a huge blessing to me!

And I packaged up orders of the “Weak Made Strong” tank and RUN sweatshirt for a bunch of you!

In upcountry Maui — jumping for joy (and thankfulness!) for your support of my little shop.

As for running, I’ve been gearing up for my next race, Carlsbad.

I’ve been working on speed over mid-distances.

We’ve also been in mourning the loss of Carson Wentz’s momentum this season.

But we’re also very hopeful in Nick Foles, who was also the quarterback when we were first dating…so it kinda feels like old times.

Lastly – I’ve been LOVING this new Christmas music!

Happy One Week Til Christmas, Y’all. May your work week fly by and may your coffee be strong. ❤️


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