Our West Coast Christmas

Happy Wednesday! After a great mini-break for the holidays, I’m headed back to work for a short week this morning. But before I do, I’d love to share a few scenes from our West Coast Christmas with you!

We kicked off the Christmas Weekend by attending a worship night at a local church with our friend and her son. It was beautiful and such a sweet way to ring in Christmas and honor the one who it’s all for. πŸ™‚

On Saturday, I worked at the gym and went for a great run in downtown San Diego afterwards. I hardly ever “go” downtown for anything other than a run, but am always glad when I do! It’s safe, clean, and beautiful. There is so much to look at that the miles typically fly by.

On Christmas Eve morning, we went for a family hike, Chase included, at Annie’s Canyon Trail in Solana Beach aka “The Mushroom Caves”. It’s super narrow but super fun! Full disclaimer, the photos above are not mine and that girl is not me! In the spirit of Christmas and being present with loved ones (aka each other), we opted to leave our phones at home for the day. No photos, only memories. πŸ™‚

BUT, on the way home from the hike, we found this dresser in someone’s trash and I convinced Chad to pull over and haul it home! After he spent about 30 minutes fixing it up for me, it’s was as good as new (minus the one missing knob)! I really love the wood and always feel proud when we can turn someone else’s trash into our treasure. Plus, now I get to dig around the local antique stores to find some super cute mis-matched knobs to jazz it up a bit! Finding this was like a bonus Christmas gift.

Later that night, we went to Christmas Eve service at our church. It was so nice to celebrate in candlelight and with friends that have become our California “family away from family” this year.

We went out to dinner afterwards at one of our favorite restaurants in town that we reserve only for special occasions: Old Venice. Ravioli for me, pizza for Chad, and their bread that we LOVE. Pro tip: if you ever find yourself in San Diego for a race, this place would make a great Carbo-load dinner!

And then when we got home, we were so excited for Christmas that we decided we couldn’t wait until Christmas morning to open up our presents! What are we, 8?!

Our east coast family was SO generous and sent us really sweet gifts all the way across the country — it was so nice to have them to open, even if we couldn’t be together. I got new Nikes for Chad…but y’all, he is SUCH a better gift giver than I am, year after year. He got me a CUSTOM MEDAL HANGER that says “Stay Great” with a runner girl at the top as an ode to SGMG. So thoughtful! I love it and am excited to add to it in 2018.

We enjoyed a slow, chaos-free Christmas morning together at home (something I’ve never experienced before as we’re usually running around like crazy, trying to see all of our family!). It was so nice with just the two of us — we made a brunch of eggs (for Chad), Belgian waffles, fresh strawberries, and of course, mimosas in our vintage Eagles glasses from our friend Andrea, because Christmas Day was also Game Day for the birds this year! And we listened to Spanish Christmas songs. πŸ™‚

We then got to FaceTime with almost everyone — my mom’s family, my dad’s family, and chad’s parents and our brother and sister in law. And yes, I totally stole this photo from my mom’s instagram! Isn’t my family adorable? Can you spot our call?

And then my favorite activity which I’m hoping becomes a new Christmas morning tradition for our little family, no matter the coast we’re on…we took a LONG, carefree walk around our neighborhood!

I was trying out the new hands-free leash my dad got me (I love it!) and chase had a fun time playing on the beach, though he is still a little scared of the waves. πŸ™‚

We spent the evening with a group of friends and other couples who were not spending the holiday with family…it was so nice to be with a large crowd on Christmas and to share a meal and play games together! Thank you Luciana and Kyle for hosting and for cooking us some delicious Mexican. πŸ™‚

And we came home in time for the second half of the Eagles v. Raiders as they just barely pulled off the W and secured that #1 seed! Woohoo!

Yesterday, we were given a bonus day off from work (thanks, boss!) so we got to sleep in a little bit (for us, that’s 7:30) and I had a mid-morning track workout by the sea.

Tell me, have you seen a more beautiful track? We spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, binge-watching the office, cooking comfort food, and getting ready for the week ahead. I am feeling like I’m coming down with some sort of bug and am planning on skipping my run today — and opting for some yoga and light strength work at home. I’ve learned the hard way that I am not someone who can force a run when my body is feeling weak — it usually turns out terribly and makes it worse! Do you sweat it out when you’re sick?!

And now it’s back to real life — man, how quickly Christmas seems to fly by as an adult! When I was a kid, it seemed to last forever and time moved so slowly (in a good way). Until next year, Santa!



Did you travel or stay home for the holidays this year?

Did you run on Christmas Day?

What was the best present you gave or received?


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