In Her Shoes: Meghan (@joyful.runner.meg)



It’s time for another In Her Shoes interview!

In my 2ish years doing this whole blogging thing, Meghan has been the sweetest, most unexpected gift. She has been such a good friend to me and is always so encouraging! Meghan is super fast, an excellent cheerleader, a trusted friend, and above all – she has unshakeable faith that you can’t help but admire. You’ll read more about her experience below, but she recently inspired me to race my marathon without a watch! I just love everything about her and I know you will too. Enjoy today’s interview with Meghan aka @joyful.runner.meg !

Welcome, Meghan! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today. For anyone who might not know you, please give a brief introduction of who you are outside of your running life. 



Hey, I’m Meghan! I recently moved to Michigan after getting married to my wonderful husband 7 months ago. Our city is right on Lake Michigan so we love beaching now that it’s finally warm enough here! I started following Jesus in college, it has been my greatest adventure. I struggle with anxiety and focusing too much on perfection, which is a vicious cycle. Jesus always meets me where I’m at, helps me to be brave, and allows me to strive for progress versus perfection. I’m thankful to serve a God who shows up in both the big things and the tiny things in life! I am a physical therapist, and I work at an amazing hospital. I help sick and/or post-operative patients re-learn how to walk, and regain function again. It’s rewarding work and a lot fun!



What’s a typical day like in your shoes? 

I don’t really have a typical day because my work schedule is all over the place, sometimes my shifts end at 4:30, sometimes 9 at night! But other than work, most of my days consist of morning coffee, a work out of some type, quality time with my hubby, hanging out or catching up with friends, and prayer.

How long have you been running, and what made you get started?

I started running cross-country in 5th grade. I didn’t like it, but my basketball and soccer coaches told my parents to keep me in cross-country since I could run all over the court/field without getting tired. I stuck it out another year, and that’s when I fell in love. I ran cross-country up until my junior year of college!


What are your proudest running moments? 

My proudest running moments have been my most two recent races within the past month, where I raced without a watch. I ditched the watch in order to get out of my head and to better enjoy the race. I ran strong races and stayed mentally tough throughout. I crossed the finish lines feeling proud, full of joy, and crazy passionate about my sport, even without running PRs. The perfectionist in me tries to make me believe it’s either a PR or a failure. I’m learning that success in running is not just limited to getting a PR; it’s getting out there and doing what you love, wholeheartedly! There is so much more to racing than just a finish time!


Are there any goals that you’re currently chasing?

Getting a marathon or half-marathon (or both!) PR without my watch on! Also, completing a race in all 50 states!


What’s your advice to someone who wants to start living a healthy lifestyle? 

It’s always hard at first! It takes time for your body to adapt to new stresses, new activities, new exercises, etc. When I take a couple weeks off running, it always feels so hard on my lungs and my legs at first. But be persistent, because your body will adapt, and it will get easier. Start small and work your way up. Big changes don’t happen overnight. But don’t give up!

What fitness products/gadgets do you swear by?

I swear by my Garmin for marathon training. I love my goPro for the occasional mid-run selfie


What are some of your favorite things in life, apart from running? 

DISNEY! My husband and I are huge Disney fans. We actually got engaged and then spent part of our Honeymoon in Disney. We are kids at heart and love the characters, songs, and magic. I also love life chats with dear friends over coffee, sweet potatoes in any form, travelling and exploring new places, and all things Mexican food!




Just for fun – what are three things that you’re grateful for?

  1. To serve a God who never changes. Life gets crazy, unpredictable things happen, people change, etc. But God is the same God as He was yesterday, is today, and will forever be. It fills me with peace that God is dependable and consistent. I can trust Him with every circumstance that comes my way, and know that life will come from it!
  2. A husband who supports my craziness. He has biked in torrential downpour on race day just to watch me run by for 15 seconds. He is willing to travel and be my support crew for all my crazy running adventures. He listens to my panicking and pre-race freak outs and helps to calm me down. He supports my goals, and goes above and beyond for me. I just love him!
  3. Starbucks, ha! I’m a basic and love my coffee. I treat myself once a week to coffee shop coffee, and I always go back to Starbucks. Hot caramel machiattos, iced caramel lattes, and salted caramel mochas with half the pumps are my recommendations (do you see a theme here haha)

Closing: Thank you to Charlotte for this wonderful series. I have had the ability to be encouraged and follow so many amazing women in their running journeys because of these interviews. Charlotte is nothing short of an amazing woman of God and a dedicated runner. She’s also a light, not just to this amazing running community, but to everyone around her!  I love seeing the Lord work through her passionate and talented self!

Well, I’m blushing. Didn’t I tell you guys that she’s the best? Thank you, friend!

To keep up with Meghan, follow her on Instagram: @joyful.runner.meg
Or read her blog: I Run For Him.

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