Training Summary: 10/22/18-10/28/18

Monday 10/22: Crosstraining — taught cardio/strength class

Tuesday 10/23: AM – 3 mile treadmill run + PM – 4 mile walk with my friend Jill around Lake Murray

Wednesday 10/24: 3 mile treadmill run + taught cardio/strength class, 10 minute mini band workout

Thursday 10/25: 5 miles on roads and trails

Friday: 3 mile treadmill run + this runners’ strength circuit

Saturday: AM – taught cardio/strength class and PM – hiked Cowles Mountain with my love (3 miles roundtrip, 1,594 ft. climb) — good crosstraining day!

and had yummy açaí and pitaya bowls afterwards!

Sunday: 10 easy solo miles in the sun on the bay path…one of those runs where everything clicked and I felt so giddy with joy to be out there!

Total Miles Ran: 24

Verse of the week: “The Lord is my light and my salvation…whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life…of whom shall I be afraid?” – Psalm 27:1

Have a great week!


Training Summary: 10/15/18-10/21/18


Happy Monday! Just checking in here with a brief training recap from last week. I hope your own fitness journey has been going well and that most of all, you’re feeling good and having FUN.

Monday: Taught cardio HIIT class (50 mins.) + 30 minute walk

Tuesday: 3 mile run (1 mile warm-up easy, 1 mile @ goal 5k pace (7:13), 1 mile cool-down easy)

Wednesday: Taught cardio HIIT class (50 mins.) + 20 minute walk

Thursday: Easy 3 mile run (running with my dog, Chase, helps to keep my targeted easy paced runs actually easy + light!)

Friday: kept steps to a minimum – did some at-home yoga videos! I’ve been doing a lot of this video of yoga for runners and some christian yoga from caroline williams.

Saturday: 1 mile warm-up easy, 5k race at Fit Foodie Run! I didn’t hit my goal time of sub 23 minutes, but it was encouraging to know that I am close, because, I did get a PR of 23:13 (7:28 per mi)! Very thankful for a fun morning with Chad and friends. 4 miles total.


Afternoon: PADDLEBOARDING! My favorite cross-training. We have been wanting to purchase paddleboards for over a year and we finally took the plunge this weekend. We spent the late afternoon taking them for a maiden voyage around the bay. Read about the Top 10 Health Benefits of Standup Paddleboarding. Come visit us in San Diego and let us take you for a spin!

We got a bargain on the two blue cuties at a yard sale. 🙂

Sunday: Volunteered as a Race Guard at the San Diego Craft Classic Half-Marathon & 5K. I was assigned to run the course for the 5k and the second half of the half-marathon. 9 miles total. Congratulations to all of the runners!


Weekly Mileage: 19




Friday Five: What I’m Loving Lately on the Run

Happy Friday, friends. We made it! It’s cooling down (just by a degree or two — summer year round!) here in San Diego so I’m wearing sweaters, sprinkling pumpkin spice in everything, and pretending it’s Fall. 🙂 This weekend, I am looking forward to running with two girlfriends, and hosting our friends (and their sweet newborn!) over for a meal at our place. I hope you have some running and time with the people you love scheduled for this weekend! If not…get on that. 🙂

Friday Five: What I’m Loving Lately on the Run

1. My new SPIbeltI’ve never been a big fan of my armband (it always gets so sweaty and starts to slip during long runs!), so when my mom recently gifted me a running belt for my birthday, I was thrilled! I’ve been taking it on all of my outdoor runs and it’s been so convenient to stash my phone, keys, and gel – and I usually forget I even have it on me! If you feel like you’re constantly juggling all the things while on your runs, or if your armband weighs you down and feels awkward – try a belt!

Image result for spibelt

2. Senso Bluetooth Headphones Another birthday gift from my sweet mom! Can you tell she is a huge supporter of my running and always knows exactly what I need? Moms are good that way. 🙂 I find so much motivation through music during workouts – and going essentially cordless has made things easier and lighter! Plus, I love that they don’t slip out of my ear or get tangled.

Image result for senso bluetooth headphones

3. The Rambling Runner Podcast  Specifically, his most recent episode with Janae Barron (Hungry Runner Girl). Matt is a talented interview, a great encourager of others’ achievements, and it was awesome to hear him get the scoop on Janae’s HUGE breakthrough to sub-3 hours in the marathon!

IMG 5545

4. GOODRs! I recently bought my second pair from our local running store (the super awesome Milestone Running!) and could not be happier. They just make runs feel more fun and they don’t move or bounce on your face one bit! I love the fun colors and the polarized lenses at a super affordable price. Bonus: the brand is just so sassy and quirky. What’s not to love?

Image result for goodr


5. Setting new goals! This is always scary (read: EXCITING) to talk about, but I have been setting some new/BIG goals in running and I’m eager to pursue them. The first one I’ll be going after is a sub-23 minutes (7:23/mi) at the Fit Foodie 5k next weekend. My lifetime (and high school…11 years ago!) PR is 23:54 and I am determined to prove that runners get better with age. 😉

Hey, San Diegans! If you’d like to join us at Fit Foodie…please do! It’s not too late to register and you can save $5 when you use code STAYGREATFF.

Image result for fit foodie 5k

In the comments…

  • What running gear/goodies are you enjoying lately?

  • Do you have any races planned in the next few weeks?

  • What are your scary big and exciting goals?

Have a beautiful weekend and stay great!



Training Summary: 9/30/18-10/7/18

Hi! How are you? I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’ve been running as usual! Life has been busy with travel, our anniversary, my birthday, and some minor health issues but I’ve been striving to be as consistent in my running as possible, usually running anywhere from 20-25 miles per week and doing a good bit of cross-training. I’m thankful that I’m feeling 100% and able to keep up with a typical schedule these days, this past week included!

I wanted to check in with a brief training update…it’s fun to look back on, and, in this season of “rest” in between marathon cycles, it’s nice to track what I’m doing to stay motivated to maintain a solid base.

I hope that your own running + fitness journey has been going well! Please feel free to share with me how you’re doing and if you have any questions in the comments.

Stay great, my friends. ❤

So perfect! Through injury and illness...just have to get out there and do it! 6 miles today More


Training Summary: 9/30/18-10/7/18

Monday: Teach cardio/HIIT class, 5 mile run @ 9:19/mi

Tuesday: Teach cardio/HIIT class, 30 minute walk

Wednesday: Teach cardio/HIIT class, 5 mile run @ 9:24/mi

Thursday: XT: 45 minutes of cardio (bike and elliptical) + 30 minute leg strength workout

Friday: 6 mile treadmill run @ 9:05/mi

Saturday: Teach cardio/HIIT class, 4 mile easy fun run (untimed), 15 minute resistance band workout

Sunday: 5 mile treadmill run (4 @ 9:30/mi, 1 @ goal 5k pace 7:19/mi), 8.5 mile bike ride w/ chad (Congratulations, Chicago Marathon runners!)

Total Miles Completed: 25


Verse of the Week:

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” – 3 John 1:2