Training Summary: 10/15/18-10/21/18


Happy Monday! Just checking in here with a brief training recap from last week. I hope your own fitness journey has been going well and that most of all, you’re feeling good and having FUN.

Monday: Taught cardio HIIT class (50 mins.) + 30 minute walk

Tuesday: 3 mile run (1 mile warm-up easy, 1 mile @ goal 5k pace (7:13), 1 mile cool-down easy)

Wednesday: Taught cardio HIIT class (50 mins.) + 20 minute walk

Thursday: Easy 3 mile run (running with my dog, Chase, helps to keep my targeted easy paced runs actually easy + light!)

Friday: kept steps to a minimum – did some at-home yoga videos! I’ve been doing a lot of this video of yoga for runners and some christian yoga from caroline williams.

Saturday: 1 mile warm-up easy, 5k race at Fit Foodie Run! I didn’t hit my goal time of sub 23 minutes, but it was encouraging to know that I am close, because, I did get a PR of 23:13 (7:28 per mi)! Very thankful for a fun morning with Chad and friends. 4 miles total.


Afternoon: PADDLEBOARDING! My favorite cross-training. We have been wanting to purchase paddleboards for over a year and we finally took the plunge this weekend. We spent the late afternoon taking them for a maiden voyage around the bay. Read about the Top 10 Health Benefits of Standup Paddleboarding. Come visit us in San Diego and let us take you for a spin!

We got a bargain on the two blue cuties at a yard sale. 🙂

Sunday: Volunteered as a Race Guard at the San Diego Craft Classic Half-Marathon & 5K. I was assigned to run the course for the 5k and the second half of the half-marathon. 9 miles total. Congratulations to all of the runners!


Weekly Mileage: 19





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