January 2019 Recap

Hi friends,

Long time no blog! I hope you’ve been well and enjoying 2019! It’s only been a month, but it feels like forever since I’ve checked in here. I’ll admit, there’s been times when I’ve contemplated quitting blogging but it does give me so much joy to write, look back, and practice gratitude for the life and gifts that God has given me. Yes, blogging usually only displays the highlights of life — but those are the things that are worth remembering, right? I love celebrating both the little and big things in life and this teeny blog has served as a great space for that over the years.

IMG_0854 (1).jpg

Didn’t January feel like it was about 4 months long? I don’t know what it was, but it seemed that time was moving like molasses. I’ll take it though, because January was a really sweet month for us!

My brother and his girlfriend came to visit us for 10 whole days! I still miss them.


One of my oldest and dearest friends and her boyfriend visited us, too, and we got to see her run the Carlsbad Marathon! She’s my favorite person and wicked fast.



I kept running…I enjoyed a beautiful 11-miler with my running buddy at the start of the month (and got paid two sand dollars on the run!)…and then spent a few weeks off and rehabbed some achilles tendonitis and plantar fascitis that had been nagging me for a few months. All better now, though!



Chad and I are working on completing the Five Peaks Challenge together, and we crossed off our second summit, – North Fortuna, hiking 6 miles total that day!


I started a weekly running group in our beach town! The guy on the left is training for a FORTY-miler and it was the gal in the middle’s first time running 5 miles that day. It was special to be there for her big milestone!


Other simple joys from January:


  • acai bowls
  • long walk + talk with my BFF
  • eagles playoff game
  • wine tasting and mimosas
  • discovering Voxer
  • continuing our women’s small group/bible study
  • teaching my regular classes and also getting to substitute a new-to-me class: strength + balance
  • lots of rain and all of the goodness it provided for our plants and grass! Everything is SO GREEN.
  • I started studying for the ACE Personal Trainer certification exam
  • quitting Instagram once and for all 🙂
  • a chili cook-off with our church (my vegan chili didn’t win, but folks enjoyed it!)
  • taking the paddleboard out on the bay with friends
  • creating new workouts – here’s one for you to try!



January Miles: 58 ran (injured + out for 2.5 weeks!), 50 biked

What God taught me in January: that the things we fear rarely ever actually occur –  and even if they do – Jesus is greater than any storm we could face and He promises to walk with us through it. When we consider that truth, there really is nothing to fear or worry about.



What were your January highlights?

What are some of your simple joys right now?






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